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This movie is fun as shit, who cares that it's bad? I could watch it many times over.

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Sadly this isn't really a new issue. Back at the time of Hurricane Katrina, Something Awful ran a fundraising campaign to send relief aid to smaller charities in Louisiana. Paypal stopped them dead in their tracks and gave them two options: refund all donations..or give it to the Red Cross. No option to let the smaller charities get money. SA has not had Paypal support since then for either their account system or merch.

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Julie Uhrman has got to be the most shallow, disingenuous executive in all of gaming. And that's really saying a lot in the world of Don Mattricks and Bobby Koticks. She never makes a statement that actually says ANYTHING of note, just buzzwords and playing the victim while avoiding any real issues.

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Phil is a guy who tries to be funny a lot on twitter and gets really misconstrued - that Futurama quote he made is a prime example. Badly chosen without context, sure. But he wasn't really telling Beer to kill himself - he was making a reference joke. I have a feeling Phil has a pretty bad anxiety disorder like I do as well however, where once he gets riled up he really can't get over things. I feel for the man.

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Man greenlight is just fine. They're still working on improvements or it mind, but good stuff still didn't get through under the old manual curation system.

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I can say the allegations from that original Kotaku article match up with what friends I have in that region have said (many of whom have worked with SK in some regard).

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I very strongly question their claim that early developers are making lots of money. I have not seen any evidence of a game making even a month's salary for one developer.

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People have and will be doing GB compilations for the rest of time. Fuck these shitty lawyers and ignore their bullshit.

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Nobody who has followed Tim's history should be surprised that a game he made went overbudget and over scope.

People should be even less surprised if they backed the project, since the (excellent) documentary videos have mentioned budgeting problems repeateadly.

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@patrickklepek, you should really interview the Mittani if possible. He has started up his own gaming journalism with an EVE-focused slant and several staff editors - even dudes from other corps are on board with it. It's most fascinating as a newbie in Goonswarm that it has grown far beyond just an EVE club. These guys are all playing DOTA, Minecraft, DayZ, Planetwise 2, Mechwarrior, and World of Tanks together (to name a few I see come up in jabber and mumble often). First night I was in the industrially focused squad all anyone talked about was Candy Box.

Also for the best coverage on Vile Rat, http://themittani.com/news/rip-vile-rat

These are the people who knew him best as an entity in EVE and as a friend.