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None, because I subscribed since I LOVE GIANT BOMB DAMMIT.

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Congratulations on the kid Dave, we'll miss you. I'm sure you won't be a stranger though.

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Here's hoping Elysium provides some closure to Wikus' story. Been wondering what happened next to that guy.

My impression is that Elysium is 100 percent unrelated to District 9

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Shit was my jam back on my 486 with Windows 3.1. Never really got into multiplayer but I played a ton on my own

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Licensing, great. Now lets license Star Wars to Totally Games FOREVER. Thanks in advance.

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People love to hate on Johnny R., but do you remember how fucking abysmal EA was before he came on board? Cause I sure as hell do.

He gave us Dead Space, Dragon Age, Mass Effect and BF Bad Company 2. I, for one, will miss you John.

Mass Effect wasn't made by EA, it wasn't even funded by them.

And also Dragon Age was well into development by the time the Bioware deal came about, so probably not a ton going into that either.

John R was one of the founders of Elevation Partners, who owned Bioware (and Pandemic) before it was sold to EA. So he did give you Mass Effect anyway, kind of

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Even votes now, not many duders playing this. I'm liking it quite a bit though I kinda wish there was a wiki.

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There is literally no way they couldn't know this would happen in advance. Their apology rings hollow. Go fuck yourself EA.

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The Teti article on PS4 seemed pretty inane. Of course it's first world problems - it's a video game console, not a sack of rice to be dropped in Africa.

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Knew if they were doing a 2014 game they wouldn't be able to ditch Yukes, there is just not enough time for that. Maybe they can experiment with it later down the road.