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@roarimadinosaur: because they're your peripheral vision, you don't actually look at them.

Yup, if you start looking at them then you're never gonna hit a damn thing in a first person shooter because you would probably start turning while still focusing on like the screen/monitor to the right.

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The honest question...does anyone even LIKE Lightning? She has the personality of cardboard.

Cardboard is great. You make a box with it. Put things in the box. I would put things in that cardboard box all day.

It also completely falls apart when wet. So when you're done with it, it is easily disposed of.

Yep, I like Lightning, she's perfect.

I don't think that's you describing women. I think that's the salespitch for Fleshlights

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Now we just need Cloud in there.
I mean we could just make up the same excuse for him being there that we did with Tactics "Oh .. He's.. erhm, well.. OH OH! This happens while he was in the Lifestream! THAT'S IT!"

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Sooo, ducking under the glove wasn't your first choice it seems. Or your second.. or third.. or 5th.
It's ok though, you did show how terrible the jumping actually is as well

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"Do songs even have guitars anymore? Isn't everything dubstep now?"

Oh god, Alex! don't even joke about that, that's not funny!
Think what kind of special hell that would be.

Suddenly all the music with actual instruments just vanished and was replaced with beeps and boops

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@zeforgotten: Right, all we can do is sit back as time marches on. It is sort of maddening. But, it looks like the community and rorie will put someting together so that we can show our support. Hell, I would do anything to show how much of an impact that dude had.

The community will keep each other strong, we're pretty much the best out there.

We are the best.
Us and girls wearing summer dresses that aren't the "right" length and just a bit "too short"

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It's hard on me too, duder. It seems that way for all of us who have spent countless hours listening to the squad talk about their love of games. Even though most of us have never met him, he's touched our lives the way a really great friend would. It's a terrible loss for the industry, the site, the community, but I also can't even imagine how Jeff or Anna feels right now.

This fucking sucks


The worst part about being basically a nobody in this situation and not knowing any of them on a personal level is that I can't call them. I can't be like "fuck it" and just fly from little old Denmark to go ask them "hey, anything I can do, guys?" or anything. They're like my friends, the friends who don't see me or call me or care about me. But they're still my friends

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@zeforgotten: Well written? A country white girl who uses words like "badonkadonk" like it's 1998? That's your idea of well written?

The fact that any of Tiny Tina's lines were written is the real tragedy. She's basically skinny honey boo boo.

It's funny, yes. Why does it make you so angry that I think it's well written?
We're talking about a game with the main focus being lots of guns and comedy, and it delivers on that.

I laughed way more at the stuff Tina said than any of the stuff Marcus, Jack, Zed, or any other character in the game said.

Also her story and backstory? yeah, it's pretty good.
Wouldn't expect anyone here to get it, obviously because, I mean, look where we're talking right now, right?

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I have a gut feeling that most people who like Tiny Tina have at one point owned a "You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same" shirt

Nah, mine said "Only dead fish go with the flow"

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Tiny Tina is awesome.
Far more well written character(including the story of her) than any of the other ones.
Unless of course people are fucking idiots and actually like Handsome Jack... ugh