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Seems alright I guess.
I guess playing through it again in a few hours isn't gonna hurt either.

Wonder if the new enemy will look as goofy as the old enemies.

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You guys have watched Street Fighter, right?
I mean, sure they were stunning and beautiful back then but you guys act like you've never seen bison dollars !

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@video_game_king: Just about any idiot can record themselves playing games and post them on the Internet. Attracting an audience that wants to watch it requires being a very special kind of idiot.

I wouldn't call Jeff, Ryan, Brad or Vinny any kind of idiots at all.
I enjoy their content very much.

The Persona 4 Endurance Run was awesome.
Especially that part where Mr. Morooka goes: "What does "ressentiment" mean? Answer the question!"

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1: Sure
2: Nooot really no
3: Hahaha no
4: Sure, wouldn't recommend you play video games if you're out of a job, living out of a cardboard box and the likes.
5: No they don't?
So take that, random video game hating person on some website who rites a blog.

Here are two reasons they're good.

1: Instead of selling drugs to little kids, killing puppies and kittens. I'm playing Video Games
2: Still not selling drugs to little kids.

Who knows? Maybe I would've if I hadn't been able to play video games ever.

But you're right op.
The guy seems angry at video games

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Since 1995?
Well I guess if people have forgotten about the 80s then yaaay, a video for me!

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@humanity said:

if you have a problem with it then fight with Google about it, it's YOUR livelihood, YOU do something about it.

Isn't this doing something about it?

Shh, we're trying to be angry about a man we're jealous at because he's making money doing something we like doing all the time!