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@GioVANNI: Just heard this spoiler this morning. Kinda lame to have spoiled that...

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Reminds me of that South Park FPS for the Nintendo 64, and I'm not quite sure why.

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@Choi: I feel as if this dog is staring into my soul...
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This is my dog, Dirk.  He's named after the main character in a number of Clive Cussler books, not the porn star or the basketball player.

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@EvilTwin: I concur. I also did the "Assassin's Creed-a-thon" just so I could get caught up on the story for Ass Bro and AC1 was like pulling teeth.  I'm sure when it came out, the game was amazing, but the leaps that were made between AC1 and AC2 are enough that AC1 can be labeled as fairly rough game.  You hit the nail on the head.  Had AC1 not received the hype that it did, AC2 never would have come out and turned the series into a great series.
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@JohnPaulVann: How was Blur a mistake?  Did it really do that poorly?  (Previous questions were legitimate, as I'm ill-informed, and not just me being an ass)
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@Lind_L_Taylor said:
What is up with all the comments about my columnar format? It should be easier to read as you're limiting your eye movement to a small section of space. :-P  I'm doing it to help you guys, dangit. "
But we'll get eye fatigue faster because we have to drop to the next line sooner and more frequently.  PLUS, our feeble minds will get tired more quickly because we're trained to pause, ever so briefly, anytime a carriage return occurs.
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What's up with your formatting?

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59. With the right recipe, you can make just about any meat taste like human flesh!