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@SmashedControllers said:
" I had to switch from hardcore to core cause, Fucking Veronica kept on dying. "
That would be pretty awesome, if there was a version of Veronica that just spent all of her time fucking.
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That's pretty awesome!  You do that yourself?

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@Bagga: Think of how easy it would be for your companions to die, though. If you have them set to follow you, and the automatically start running into battle the minute an enemy is spotted, they'll more than likely die.  A lot.  
I know, when
I was heart-broken!  It also sucked because he was a good companion!
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@Forum_User: I'm not really blaming you.  I was just happy to have an excuse to post a picture of Genesis.
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@Deusoma said:
" @Raymayne said:
" You can take the term 'griefer' back to fucking Minecraft, douche. "
What planet are you from, good sir? The term is incredibly common in multiplayer gaming. "
Probably from Planet Druidia.
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This was a really stupid quest.  It's nothing but single shot blog posts and forum topics... 

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I've seen this offer on other sites as well, and just can't figure out how Telltale is planning on making any money off of this.  I guess they're expecting everyone to get so hooked that they have to buy the next few episodes?

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According to the Fallout Wiki, Boone is actually voiced by James Marsden.  Cyclops. 

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You travel back to 1967, befriend Peter Gabriel,  Anthony Phillips, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Chris Stewart.  Later, you'll meet up with Phil Collins and let him play drums.  Then you'll make a weird video with puppet versions of Ronald and Nancy Reagen.

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@solidwolf52 said:
" 1) Matthew G. Taylor played this monster in the second film based off this series. 2) He wears a sack on his head.  The game was a gamecube exclusive at release.  3) The monument at Giza may be found in place of his head.  From the quiet knoll game.  "
3) There might be a $100000 answer to this question.