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@Skunkboy72: Everything should stay where you put it, for the most part, in main areas like that.  The persistence in Fallout seems to be pretty steady.
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Reading these also make me excited, because I never got the chance to play the first few Fallout games, and I actually thought that Fallout 3 was a serious game.  It'll be nice to see a little bit of humor injected into this iteration.  I'm about 2 hours into the game, and I'm absolutely loving it.  (No glitches, either).

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It's nice to see a positive piece on Fallout:NV amidst all of the Bethesda crap, and all of the people saying this game is so buggy that it's unplayable.
Thank you.

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@killer_meatballs: I think there was too much open-endedness.  Too many of the quests were "Pick 6 specific things out of a potential list of hundreds."
I nearly gave up after picking a few things and not finding them working.
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@PenguinDust: Fair enough. I lump Fallout into that RPG category as well, because it really ISN'T a shooter, but it's categorized as one in most places, so I figured I'd recommend it.
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@Shakezula84: Yeah, look at the recent quick look at DJ Hero 2.  Microsoft obviously said that the near game-breaking lock ups after each song was ok for approval.
Someone should probably be scolded for that at Microsoft.
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Here's an explination of the two, as they relate to programming:

As for why it's called a bug?  I believe it goes back to when computers were vacuum tubes and actual bugs would get into the machines and screw stuff up.  Don't quote me on that, though, unless it's right.
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@The_Laughing_Man: I would agree with that.  Think of how much money they made when they released it for Fallout 3.  At the end of the day, they can tell us there's a "Real Ending" all that they want, but it's still a business and their ultimate goal is still to make money.
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@The_Laughing_Man: Or, at this point, scrap it and start from scratch for the next iteration of games.
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@Xabu: Yeah, which kinda puts some of the blame on Bethesda, too, right?