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Yeah, Microsoft has to be at fault for some of this.  They allowed the game to pass through their testing enough to get onto the console.  Also, Valve and any other PC certification.

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@overbyte said:
" Single-player shooter?  Mass Effect (1 and 2) "
Another vote for ME1 and 2.  Especially 2, but play 1 just to make sure you pick up the nuances in ME2.
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If you're going to count RF:G as a shooter, you may as well try out Fallout 3 and Fallout:NV.  Not really "shooter" shooters, but they do have shooting in them, and have really immersive stories and gameplay.  They'll also get you your monies worth as there's at least 40-50 hours of gameplay in the single player story, and another 150 hours in extra side quests.
Just my 2 cents.

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@CptBedlam: The sad fact is that the majority of "gamers" (read: Kids whose parents buy them games) are never going to read these reviews and never going to even know this whole situation happens. The amount of people affected by these things, in my opinion, seems to be so minuscule that it shouldn't even be an issue.  To me, it would seem, 9 out of 10 gamers are going to see an advertisement during the latest episode of "Top Chef" or some other stupid show, and go "I like the guns and blowing stuff up in [this completely CGI-rendered] game called Fallout.  I'm going to go buy it!"
An educated game purchaser IS going to read the reviews, but ultimately make their own decision.  Or, at least, they should.  This game is a prime example of that fact.  So many people are saying "This game is RIFE with bugs.  But...I'm still getting it."
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I went down the "PM all of the Mods" path.  Figured you all were right, and I should leave Dave alone.
Thanks for the tips.  Just don't enjoy seeing Cialis ads in my blog stream.

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Actually, I guess you CAN'T report user accounts directly on their profile page.
So is there a way to do this?  I get enough reminders of my "inadequacy" in my email on a daily basis.  Don't need it in my Giant Bombs.

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So, in an attempt to connect with a few more people (and get a few more quest points) I started to follow some of the newer accounts.  Upon further review, I notice that a majority of the accounts that I ended up following, based mainly on date, ended up being Cialis-toting spammers!
Is there anything in place to catch these types of folks?  I know you can report an account for spamming, just wasn't sure if there was maintenance done on the user database or anything like that!
By the way, Giant Bomb Community = crack.

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@neoepoch: I also like the sound it makes when you get close to a weird wasteland item!
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@SouthernSlummin: Nope, we're thinking of something completely different. There's a skeleton outside of Good Springs that I was making reference to that seems to only be triggered by this perk.  I'll have to keep an eye out for the one you're talking about!  Thanks for the heads-up!
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@SouthernSlummin: Are you talking about the Indy reference?  It's a "chilling" experience, if it's the one I'm thinking of.