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@dusker: See, that's where I almost have to disagree with you.  To me, the least interesting part of the Fallout experience is the leveling.  Yes, the perks and a really great feature, but to me the Fallout experience is more about character development, exploration and story-telling.  They could have dropped me into Fallout 3, fresh out of the vault, at level 30, and I still would have enjoyed it just as much and played it just as much.
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@mzuckerm: That was my thinking, as well.  You can literally go into a place, steal everything, shoot all of the citizens in the face, and as long as you don't piss off any police officers, your "negative karma" will have no adverse effect on gameplay.
I never could figure out the karma system in the old game anyway, so I'm actually kinda glad that it's useless.
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@quinistheman: I only have the R&B and the Street Fighter tables.  I actually can't figure out the Street Fighter table to save my life.  It also seems like the contact points on the flippers aren't consistent.  Meh.
I guess the nice thing about pinball tables going digital, is that they can be tweaked and improved if there are a few things wrong with them!
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Like others, I got hooked on the "free download" aspect and hopped on a demo or two.  It seems that they did their research, because they give you JUST enough demo time to get you hooked, and then you're practically forced to download a table or two.
I picked up the Rocky and Bullwinkle table and can't stop playing.  I logged a few hours over the weekend for a game that I probably would have never purchased if it wasn't for the free "platform" download.  That being said, I wish the tables weren't so expensive, but you've gotta make money, right?
Am I alone in enjoying this?  Are their better tables to pick up than the R&B? Thoughts?

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@Diamond said:
" The Rocky and Bullwinkle table kind of annoys me.  Earth Defense is the only one I don't have.  I have Nightmare Mansion, and it's pretty good.  I'd probably recommend SF2 and Excalibur.  But if you can afford either of the combo packs (for the Pinball FX1 tables or the FX2 tables), that would be better. "
What about the R&B table annoys you?  That's the only one I've bought so far and I'm enjoying it.
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The Pants Party!

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@Supermarius: A bit off topic, but I use Grooveshark.  It's pretty much like Zune Pass (on-demand music) but it's streaming, available on Android phones and PC/MAC and only $3 a month.  It's gotta be illegal, but whatever.
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@FritzDude said:
" @Turbo_Toaster said:
"I heard the playlist had way more songs but due to a technical error only a handful of them play. FO3 had a small list as well but seems like there was a lot more than NV


So you're saying it's a bug in the game that is preventing the game to play new songs? "
So you're saying this game has bugs?
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@ZeForgotten said:
" Besides it moving and loading some stuff a little slower I really like it a lot.  Then again I also loved when Xbox.com made changes and now actually look like a website built and designed by people who knows what the fuck they're doing "
I was really hoping we weren't going to see that happen. The lag when the last one came around was noticeable, and I was hoping they wouldn't introduce more lag this time around.