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I'll still stick primarily to VATS, but the iron sight aiming is a vast improvement over Fallout 3's aiming system. I wasn't able to hit the tiny bugs early on in the game, but I'm guessing that once the targets get bigger, it'll be a lot more useful, especially when I've run out of AP points.

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I noticed the popup at the very beginning when I found the "alleged" Indiana Jones easter egg.  Wasn't sure if the two were related.  I guess this means multiple play-throughs!

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So...who picked this perk?  Anyone have any idea what it actually does?
I'm hearing it'll reveal quirky easter eggs in the wasteland, but I'm guessing we won't know until a second play-through without it?

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I envision Twitter one day being nothing but feeds from third-party sites reminding us that we bought something, by going somewhere, and doing something.

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This is great!  Thanks for all of your hard work!

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So are you the girl?  The girl with....


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A dinglehopper?

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This is one of those games, for me, that still holds true to today's game play.  I can pick this game up and still play it like it was brand new.

Anyone know of any future plans to release something like this in the states for an updated console?

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What about something like "No One Lives Forever 3: No H.A.R.M., No Foul" or something like that?

Don't forget, there already was KIND OF a sequel in "Contract J.A.C.K."