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@thebatmobile: My interest, she is piqued.
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@thebatmobile: Would you describe it as regal?
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I'm looking forward to getting home and getting it. The pictures I've seen so far, and the early previews, seemed to show that this was going to be a nice improvement.  Hopefully it won't run into the same lag issues that came about the last time they updated the dashboard.

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I guess we've just become really spoiled, or maybe, as others have said, we've just become boring and mediocre.  Games these days really aren't trying, but why should they?  They're selling like hotcakes on a formula that is "tried and true."  There's really not a lot of room for innovation in today's market, and the games that do try to branch out tend to flop.  Only on rare occasion does a game that is different break through the market and become successful.

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@tourgen said:
"The thing is there were/are always many more bad games than good.     
This might be a really good point.  I guess I just remember the bad ones more than the good ones.
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@Mrnitropb: I'm really glad someone else recognized my reference, otherwise I was going to feel really old! 
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@mzuckerm: Oh yeah, I'm well aware of the bugs.  They're on the 360 version I have as well.  I'm just interested in getting it on PC for the modding and screen captures.  Almost too good to pass up.  Twice.  Haha!
Keep your screenshots coming.  They're pretty good!
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Part of me wants to get this game on PC (have it on 360 as well) just so I can take screenshots of this kind of stuff.
And the mods.

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@Axdemon: With the knowledge that you're just now beginning the game, you won't be able to use the Best _______ so it really is best just to explore.  That's half of the fun of the Fallout games, is the exploration.  Getting to know the environment, finding weapons and armor and items, and just searching every nook and cranny!
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@BunkerBuster: I'll second the vote for Zack and Wiki.  It's a nice little game with a classic point & click adventure twist thrown in.  It also makes good use of Wii motion controls, unlike most of the games that came out for the system!