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@eagles_band: Because...there are no chain-link fences in the wasteland? 
Because you're an idiot?  Have you played this game at all?
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@The_Drizzle: Because they're really angry that you got into that closed-off area and that they've been trapped in there the whole time.  They're probably hungry.
I don't know, in all honesty, but that's not a glitch.  They're supposed to attack you.  It's the same reason why the other one is booby-trapped.
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Alternatively, there's a way to do the quest in question WITHOUT the rockets.  It's actually, in my opinion, easier to do it that way. (w/o the rockets).
Also, they CAN'T be sold.  They're essentially worthless.  But they're weightless, too, so it's a moot point.

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@Pinworm45 said:
" also, today, and this day last year, was my friends birthday  i'm freaking out guys "
Oh, well tell them we said Happy Birthday!
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@mfpantst said:

" WOAH coincidences...  Christmas came like a month and a half after these games last year too.   WOAH.  Mind..  blown. "

But, wasn't Hanukkah at different times?
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A suggestion: Maybe move these forum posts to the iPhone forum?  I was hella-confused when I first read this as to what they were talking about. Being listed in "Off-topic," in conjunction with the post title, I thought it was something biblical.

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@smcn said:
" In general (having not played NV), having parts of the map be in-accessible for whatever reason is fine. Blocking off those parts with invisible walls as opposed to terrain or even an out-of-place 30 foot concrete wall is simply lazy.  P.S. I hate when people use the word "lazy" to describe a design decision they disagree with, but there's no other way to describe the reason for invisible walls to exist in 2010. "
Describing a design decision that you disagree with as lazy is just lazy.
Ha.  Just kidding.  You're right, lazy is the PERFECT word to describe this.  Lordy, just put barbed wire or a chain link fence there.  Fallout already has the assets built in for chain link fences.  Just make them indestructible.  Problem solved.  You can mail me my check, now, Obsidian.
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I'm not confused about the map, but I'm confused about this post.

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@UlquiorraSchiffer said:
" @Malakhii said:
" @UlquiorraSchiffer said:
" I was accosted by a group of old ladies carrying rolling pins in the ghetto of Freeside. "
They were all smoking cigs too, this was definitely the highlight for me, I was laughing for a while after it happened. I gave Veronica one of their dresses and she thanked me :)  "
Oh yeah! I remember finding cigarettes on their corpses now. They all had really weird names as well. Can't recall them at the moment... "
The only one I remember was "Irate Ida" and only because it just happened to me last night.
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@DillonWerner: There's one of those floating around here, somewhere.  I think if you check my blogs, I did one on exactly that!