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@JJWeatherman said:
" @zegolf: It doesn't show up immediately. After you refresh the page, all the changes should be reflected. If it's still not working, then it's probably a bug. It's not a subscriber thing. "
Boom.  That was it.  Guess I've just been spoiled by the real-time updating of HTML 5 and AJAX.  Thanks for explaining this.  We can close this thread now.
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I seem to be having an issue when I select multiple messages in my inbox and try to mark them all as "read."  Nothing happens.  I'm also unable to "check all" and do anything with that.  I've tried this both in Firefox on a PC and Chrome on a Mac. 
Or...is this just a feature available only to paid members? 
Thanks for looking into this!

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I wonder how long this topic is going to linger?  I'll probably feel like a zombie after I read the replies.
For real, though...
You could bake them into cookies.  They're delicious with white chocolate chips.

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@Ahmad_Metallic: Oh, I must have forgotten to post the fine print. This is a loan, only. You'll have to return it in 90 days.
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@GoofyGoober: No problem. I'm really surprised they plain-text sent that to me in an email. I'm sure it can be downloaded anywhere, but I'd thought I'd share it here.
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@leebmx: Yes, there are people.  And if you do a quick search through the forum post, you'll read many accounts of both sides of the argument.
You'll be fine.  None of the bugs are really game-breaking anyway.
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@Baillie: Yup.  Just the wallpaper.  Wish I had changed the topic to read "Black Ops Pre-order Wallpaper. Download link within" or something. Anyway, thanks for helping to clarify things!
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@Mrskidders: The nice thing with Amazon, is that I have up until 24 hours before release to cancel the pre-order. I have a group of friends getting it, though, so I'm not really concerned with how the MP is, rather it'll just be fun playing with friends.
But I still get to keep the wallpaper!
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Pre-ordering Call of Duty: Black Ops from Amazon gets you a free "excluse" pre-order wallpaper.  The link doesn't appear to be encoded in any way, so I thought I'd share with the GB Community:

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@css_switchfoot: Excellent point.  I also wonder if, maybe, it's not that I can't play them, rather that I don't find them interesting and wouldn't have, even if I had been playing them at launch?