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I'm really digging the whole social interaction features of the Giant Bomb community.  It might even be worth my $50.  For now, I'd love to have some followers, and always follow back those who follow me!  I might even write a blog post worth reading, every once in a while!

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@LetterT: So you blogged just to let us know you weren't going to blog?
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@Chandu83: Excellent stuff.  I struggle, so much, with landscape photography.  I just can't capture the essence of the view.  I'm a portrait guy.
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@dvaeg: I don't know how close your two dogs are, but if you've never put a pet down while another pet lived, allow me to offer a bit of advice/words of wisdom.  As much as people might not think they know, "brothers and sisters" always know when something is wrong.  When we put our oldest family dog down 4 years ago, she was in bad shape, and our younger one knew something wasn't right.  My mother and I left town because my Mom couldn't be there when it happened.  My father planned on bringing her back after it had been done, and had dug a spot for her in the family backyard, made a beautiful coffin for her and everything.  I went with my Mom because...well to be honest, I probably couldn't have been there when he brought her back either (and have no idea how I'm going to do it when mine goes on to the rainbow bridge).
My father never talks about actually being there while it happened, but I know he can't talk about it without getting choked up.  When he finally brought her home, he had her wrapped in her favorite blanket that he eventually buried her in.  He put her in her bed and let the younger dog see her.  She walked up to her, very quietly and softly, and just sniffed everything around.  Then, she crawled in the bed with her and laid down.  Probably the most heart-breaking thing I've ever heard.  But the important part was that she got to cope with the death as well.  Your obvious first concern is with your son, but keep in mind the other members of your family, as well.
That's probably the only advice I can offer, because it's breaking my heart reading your story, so obviously I'm no expert in this.  Everyone copes differently, but you're an amazing father for allowing your son to have the time that he's had her and for helping him through this process.  
Good luck with everything, and know that you're not alone. My family has never been emotional, but the death of a loved pet, a loved family member, can bring even the strongest man to tears.
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I don't know the answer to this, but I'm responding so I can follow along with follow-ups.

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@Chandu83: Check out Canon's Rebel line of entry-level DSLRs.  They're fairly cheap, as far as DSLRs go, and you can get some pretty decent low-end lenses that you'll be able to take pictures with.
If I may pimp my own photography for a few seconds, I shoot with a Rebel XTi and Tamaron lenses.  You can see some of them here - 
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Gameplay, it reminded me of Fallout 3.

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As one of the quests encourages the completion of empty galleries, is there an easy way to determine which galleries are empty?
If there isn't, it would be nice if there was a way to determine this.

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@PaulM: Oh, yeah, I totally have no problem with any ads that have ever been run on this site.  It's not like IGN or Destructoid where the website IS the advertisement.