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@PaulM: But aren't they still going to be running ads, even on the paid version of the site?
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@Raymayne: Yeah, more good points.  I guess leveling really just isn't the most important part, or really an important part at all, of this iteration of the Fallout series.
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@valrog said:
" Another one for Freaks Come Out At Night. He resembles a swine and you can see his penis and testicles. "
I went to college with a guy like that...
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@Bouke: For me, I'm getting less and less likely to buy multiple Triple-A titles because of a lack of time as it relates to getting older.  Now that I've graduated college, have a job and am getting married, the time I can dedicate to playing games has drastically decreased.  I can no longer sit down for 5 hours straight and game, because I've got other responsibilities.  Instead, my gaming is relegated to short spurts which are perfectly filled by these XBLA games, and games which don't require me to dedicate a ton of time.
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@Tennmuerti: And I guess that's why I didn't have a huge problem with what I did.  To me, the level gaining is the least enjoyable thing about the game. Loot, fighting, companions, storyline, exploration; there's so much more to the Fallout universe than the generic RPG element that is leveling.
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@Stealthmaster86: Yeah, it sounds like they're going to be constantly adding more and more content to, not only GB, but also to the rest of the Whiskey Media sites.  Every day gets tougher and tougher to keep from "donating."
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  • The site will be formatted for mobile if you go to m.giantbomb.com (the main reason I'm considering the investment.)
  • You'll get access to the Whiskey Media Happy Hour
  • HD Video downloads
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There exists a glitch in the latest iteration of the Fallout series, Fallout: New Vegas that seems to really break the game.  If you haven't yet heard about it, you should probably stop reading, because I'm going to go into some spoiler territory.
For those wondering what glitch I'm talking about, I'm referring to the glitch where,

The problem?  The option never goes away, and you can continue to select it and gain the benefits of completing the quest.
Here's where my dilemma comes into play.  I cannot, try as I might, only select this response one time and move on.  I told myself, going into the final part of the quest, that I would only select it once, and not exploit it, but I then proceeded to boost myself to level 20, save my game, and call it a night.  I know I shouldn't be compelled to pick this response, and use this exploit, but I just continued steamrolling through levels and giving myself this shot in the arm.
I don't know if leveling status isn't a huge importance to me in the Fallout universe, or if I'm just a big cheater, but I don't feel as those this game-breaking glitch (which, in all reality, really is) is really that big of a game breaker.  I'm going to have no problem with continuing throughout the rest of the game knowing that I leveled my character up way earlier than he should have, and that I've gained perks that I shouldn't have gained before I've even stepped foot into New Vegas proper.  
I guess, to me, the storyline and exploration are more important in the series than actually gaining XP and leveling up my character.  Truth be told, as I was gaining level after level, I still put a lot of thought into the kind of character that I wanted to be, and still allotted my points accordingly.  However, I'm not going to regret my decision to do so this early in the game, and I still kept a save around, pre-exploit, in the event that I do have a bit of remorse and want to go back and play it legit.
Thoughts?  Does anyone else ever do this? Am I just weak-willed?
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@SmashedControllers said:
" Work on your grammar, but I'm pretty sure it's a cave. "
A spooky cave!  OoooOooooOooooo
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Anyone else reading this in the voice of The Count, from Sesame Street?