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Resident Doctor Who fan:

New doctor who sucks. Don't bother.

Old doctor who is cheesy and can be pretty great. Tom baker (dude with the scarf) is awesome, and his run had a few stories by Douglas Adams, including one with a "pirate planet", featuring a cyborg pirate captain who had a disintegrator beam-shooting robot parrot. If you like Douglas Adams/cheesy old sci-fi with people running around hallways, give it a shot.

New Doctor Who is great. (I haven't watched any of the most recent Doctor though.) I can't get into old Doctor Who at all. It's cheesy in a way I can kinda appreciate from a distance, but not to actually sit through a whole episode and enjoy it.

Not that new Doctor Who isn't cheesy, but it's not (usually) so over the top about it.

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My favorite part of this Quick Look might be the parts where Vinny's insane open-world tendencies start to surface as he yells at Alex to do crazy shit. You can tell Vinny just wants to grab that controller and do some sick jumps.

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@lausebub: I like the negotiation system in SMT games, but I don't think it makes any sense in Persona. In SMT you're actually negotiating with real demons to help you fight, but Persona's are just manifestations of the character's psyche.

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@demoskinos: JRPGs are still my favorite video game genre and Persona has many of the elements that make me love the genre while still not feeling quite like any other JRPG on the market. That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

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I don't love FFX or the sphere grid, but I was still basically a kid when I played that game and I figured it out without that much trouble. C'mon Jeff.

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@jacksukeru: To be fair, your account mastery level does lock you out of using certain gear until you've obtained the appropriate level, and I guess the Hek and Sobek are a little higher level than I thought (rank 4). You can get the Drakgoon at rank 3 though, which shouldn't take that long, and if you're really desperate for a shotgun you can buy the Strun from the start just for some credits. (There are also hand cannons, like the Bronco, that while not technically being classified as a shotgun by the game, still pretty much function like one.)

The early parts of the game might seem grindy because there's a lot of stuff you don't have, but much of it you simply get over the natural course of playing the game.

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@katelyngadd: What exactly is their history of devaluing purchases? I assume you mean they they introduce new stuff that makes everything else obsolete? Because that's not really true in my experience.

@jacksukeru: It sounds to me like you didn't spend much time with the foundry/crafting system, or you didn't understand it. That's where pretty much all your weapons come from if you're not spending platinum. There are weapons that require some notable grinding to get your hands on (mainly prime weapons) but if you simply want a shotgun all you go to the market, buy a blueprint for a shotgun (Sobek, Hek, Drakgoon, etc) and then go farm the materials if you don't already have them. The hardest part about that is simply making enough progress to reach the planets that drop the proper resources. (Which doesn't take that long.) Most resources are common drops and it won't be long before you have more than you have any real need for.

I've never bought a single weapon with platinum and I've made at least half the weapons in the game. I can pretty much make any weapon in the game at a whim as long as I have the blueprints and the inventory space.

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@csl316 said:

Shame it deleted my progress when I deleted the game install on PS4. I honestly thought saved data was a separate file.

It was nice to pop in and see what changed since last year, but alas, didn't feel like starting from scratch again because the beginning is slooow going.

Saves are stored server side, so I don't think that is supposed to happen. If the game is making you do the tutorial though that doesn't necessarily mean it made you start over. When they introduced the tutorial I was several hundred hours into the game and after finishing it I still had all my stuff.

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@spraynardtatum said:

Look at all those different mission types! It's like Destiny! But with variety and content!

EDIT: I will say that at least Destiny isn't filled with microtransactions

No, instead you have pay a bunch of money up front to access any of the content and even more money to play any notable new content. (I say that as someone who kinda liked Destiny.) In the 400 hours or so I've spent with Warframe I've spent less than $20 total in real money, and not even because it felt necessary, but because I thought they deserved it.

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@lamashtu said:

Geez. Jeff actually worked towards the Soma. Must mean he got pretty serious into this.

The Soma Prime comes with the Nova Prime access bundle (along with that Vasto Prime) which is clearly what Jeff spent most of that $100 on.