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It's amazing how quickly they regress into teenagers with no inhibitions given the right situation. It was both hilarious and terrifying to watch. Well done.

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The first thing I thought of when the game mentioned "attacking" was Full Throttle. I am so happy Vinny eventually got around to making a dumb joke about it.

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Still one of my favorite things to come from this site.

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This podcast made me realize there's not going to be anymore small business man. :(

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I'm always conflicted about how to pronounce manga. On the one hand my desire to pronounce things correctly is telling me to say "mahn-ga", but my desire to not feel like a total weaboo feels better just saying "mang-ga". It's like pronouncing karate "ka-ra-tay".

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@believer258: I did only get a handful of episodes in. It wasn't necessarily confusing, it just didn't really do anything to hook me. But I probably should try to make it a bit farther.

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The IOS Ace Attorney compilation is probably the worst version of those games, you'd be better off trying the WiiWare versions, or the standalone version of the first game for IOS.

Of course, the hard-to-find DS versions are obviously ideal, but it's understandable why you wouldn't want to go that route. As a huge AA fan, I'd be stoked if you played them at all, but yeah, that IOS compilation is kind of a poor version.

Also, I would buy a shirt with "This is your brain on anime" with the image Alex described.

Aren't they making a 3DS compilation of the AA games? I thought I heard that recently.

Although who knows if that will get localized.

Oh good. Now maybe one of the staff will watch Baccano.

Seriously, everyone, even Alex Navarro, needs to see Baccano. It's the anime that Quentin Tarantino would make if he made anime.

I tried watching Baccano once at the insistence of someone and I couldn't get into it. I should probably give it another shot sometime, but I haven't really had much personal drive to do so.

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@devoureroftime: There is clearly something inherently wrong with you if you hate pie. Pie is great. It trumps cake any day.

You don't like anime that's your business, but I can't let the pie hate slide.

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In all honesty, do people consider Cowboy Bebop anime? I know it's 'Japanese Animation', but I've seen people who appall anime adore the s**t out of that show.

Of course it's anime. Some people just don't realize there is good anime and bad anime.

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Having watched this quick look, I am of the mind that Jeff and Vinny decided even before playing the game that they were going to trash it completely, while disregarding any of its merits.

Does this game look particularly fun? Not really. But, then again, there doesn't seem (at least from the quick look) to be anything egregiously bad about it. At worst, it looks to be an average on-rails shooter, and a functional one at that.

Between Alex's coverage and this quick look, I question why GiantBomb had to waste time trashing a passable video game for the sake of humor. I suppose this video serves as another example of gaming journalism at its worst, when the internet comes together collectively to tear down something that, in the end, is not as horrific as it is made to seem. And, sadly, there were probably developers who, with a limited budget, actually put effort into making this game, who now have to face the internet's hive-minded, regurgitated scorn.

It sounds to me like one of the developers or PR people is not so happy about their game getting trashed. Sorry bud, but there's just no way you can spin this into not being laughably bad. The developers might have a totally valid excuse for why it turned out so bad, but that doesn't make it any less bad.

And honestly they could have trashed this game SO much worse than they actually did. Vinny at least seemed to go into it with an open mind. But you can't suger coat $40 crap.