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I've been playing since the beta on the PS3, but I've taken long breaks in-between subs, so I often end up getting to the end game content well after most players have already mastered it or at least well outgeared it to make it significantly easier. When I fought Titan HM last year he was still kinda hard, but now he's a total joke.

I did get to experience Demon Wall in all its BS glory though. I did not go in with full Darklight, which fortunately the people I grouped up with were not total dicks and didn't leave because of that, but we did wipe quite a few times against that stupid wall. Now its kinda second nature (not to mention overall just an easier fight), but making sure everyone dodged those telegraphs perfectly to not get knocked off and instant killed while simultaneously trying to DPS down those stupid bees as quickly as possible was quite a task. I can only imagine how much worse Titan HM must have been that first month. I do not regret waiting on that one.

There are some things I kinda wish I had been able to experience when it was still fresh and actually worthwhile. I never bothered with the Binding Coil because getting a raid group together is kind of a pain in the ass and usually requires the kind of commitment and expectations that I don't really like to get involved with in an MMO, but I do kind of feel like a missed out on a big part of the game.

I had no idea gil was ever an issue on Leviathan though. (At least not any more than any other server.) I've been there since day 1 and I always felt like I had adequate gil on hand, but I suppose I am pretty frugal with how I spend it, and since I wasn't doing much end game stuff I didn't have to worry about expensive repairs. The Marketboard has long been a total mess thanks to undercutters, but I'm pretty certain that's not exclusive to Leviathan.

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That's awesome, but they should have made te quitting player have to watch as well. They should also add a whining/crying voice over.

People usually rage quit by shutting off the console or pulling their internet connection, so that's not really possible.

Unless you want them to hire people to go to people's houses and hold a gun to their head to stop them from quitting early.

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I don't own a smartphone. Honestly, the main thing I use my phone for is to check the time, followed by the occasional text or phone call.

If I had a smartphone I would definitely use it for music and podcasts though. I don't feel like that's necessarily worth getting a smartphone for, but it would be more convenient than carrying around a separate MP3 player.

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As mentioned, it says free, but if you go to check out it says I need $8. I tried removing my credit card information, but that doesn't change anything.

I'm guessing it was a glitch that they've only half fixed so far.

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@flstyle: @zevvion: I'm not saying Patrick is free of blame. I'm sure there's plenty in that article that could be picked apart, but I don't think it should be in the form of a self-appointed representative of the "hardcore" community, nor should anyone try to personally define what a "hardcore" player is using arbitrary measures like shield usage.

If you disagree with his thoughts on this game then feel free to voice that from your own perspective. Don't try to be the voice of a whole community just because you feel you are part of it.

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You're right, this does make you sound kind of like an elitist dick.

I don't think you have much more right to speak for the "hardcore" community itself than he does. Just speak for yourself. Stop trying to place people in those arbitrary categories. It just feels like total bullshit.

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FFXIV: Heavensward is the only thing I know I'm getting.

Toukiden: Kiwami comes out at the very end of this month, so it's basically April, and there's a very good chance I'll pick that up if money allows. I only learned the game was coming to PS4 a few weeks ago, but I've been dying for a Monster Hunter style game on a console.

The Witcher 3 is a maybe. It looks really good, but I'm still undecided whether I want to play it before The Witcher 2.

Arkham Knight is a "probable someday, but probably not day 1" game for me.

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I am playing both of them but I wish they would come out on alternating months. As it stands it looks like GoT might be picking up speed and Tales keep lagging behind. But that could just be because I am already seeing hints on the next episode of GoT and the second episode of Tales is not even out yet (right?). But I've enjoyed both of them, I think they compliment each other in the fact that they are two ends of a spectrum. One being bleak and depressing and the other being a lot more fun and humorous. I really do hope Tales keep up the quality though because that first episode was a lot stronger than both of the GoT episodes thus far.

The second episode of Tales came out like a week or two ago.

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Neither. I don't follow Game of Thrones and I've heard middling things about Tales of the Borderlands.

Really? The reception of Tales of the Borderlands has been incredibly positive from what I've seen. Some people are going to like it more than others, but I have seen remarkably little negativity toward it, especially considering it's Borderlands.