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@jimmyfenix: Depends on your preferences in shooters. I went back to KZ2 recently as I was considering a shadowfall pre-order. My issues with 2 were:

1. Bad controls (unresponsive and slow once moving - See Space Marine for good "heavy" controls)

2. Really narrow field of view (it made me very motion sick, it feels like you are looking at the world through binoculars).

3. Dark (difficult to see what is going on in the scene, ended up running around areas pressed against the wall to find hallways you are supposed to go down).

4. Boring encounter design (Enemies mostly stay behind cover, wave based fighting, lacks any exciting action or stealth element).

It was probably seemed better in 2008/09. Kind of like Uncharted 1 in 2007.

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It feels weird playing a game with such nice artwork, and a solid attempt at establishing a world and story.

But the combat is just, ugh. Did Capcom go to the developer and say "hey, we need these controls to feel laggier. Make sure the fights and environments lack any sense of place and action."

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Mass Effect 4?

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@luciddreams117: Just pick up the first Dark Souls. If nothing else you are only out $10-$20 dollars if you end up hating the gameplay vs. the $60 on II.

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@CommanderGarrus: If you don't want to fight with anything just pick up a "X360 controller for windows" kit off newegg (it comes with a receiver to plug into the PC, etc).

Mice mostly meet whatever spec they have listed. Pick up something with 2400dpi or so sensitivity (I don't think more than that is particularly helpful vs. human capacity for precision). I'm pretty fond of the Gigabyte mice for decent ones at a lower price. E.g. this one is on at newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826146033. I think audio is more of a preference thing - I'm a bit of a Audio Technica fan for headphones, and Plantronics for headsets, but most of them are fine.

As an aside - I kind of wonder how many people are really weird ed out by seeing hard core gamer as a personal description. Not many hobbyists stick "hard" as a extra-emphasis for being an enthusiast in whatever they are into (e.g. hardcore dog show lady).

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Big projects get delayed, and it is not unique to videogames (public work projects seem to have the worst time of it). My experience has been that schedules are picked assuming some level of resources, but other issues crop up on other projects leading to slightly fewer warm bodies than expected on the bigger item. Overt optimism can also be a pitfall, but that seems pretty rare with experienced people who know what they are aiming for.

Anyway - schedule items that are short term (or for videogames you are not a investor in or developer on) are not worth being worried about. I'm sure you'll get to play the sequels for those games (and maybe a couple clones) 1.5 year from now.

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Maybe 20-30minutes in a week. I tend to like podcasts while I'm working, but I mostly do not care about most of the video stuff.

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If abused the store probably just reserves the right to turn you down though.

My guess would be doing it more than very occasionally flags your account.

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I think your music comparison falls a bit flat, as home-recorded indies can have perfectly good production values at this point. If you are 10k into something vs. 60million the stakes are a bit different. And the indie scene in games is absolutely working, with some titles moving up-market in terms of mainstream success as we speak. So it is not really an issue anymore, and will be less so as digital content becomes the expectation.

Games as a service is a bit of a red herring - companies are offering these on the basis of what consumers purchase. A subscription or continuous transactions is sort of a logical end-pint of sequels that are released closer and closer together with limited variability in content.

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I would wait on a gaming PC, as you will be able to purchase one that supports 4k resolution at reasonable frame-rates in a couple years. The Steambox thing might be more of a thing at that point too. PS4 specs are fine for 1080p, and you'll probably want to get one eventually anyway, so that would be the one to pick first if your LCDs are in that range. And, if you have another PC, you could always toss a lower end video card in it to play most of the PC unique games.

And, while this is a bit of a social question, I would guess that your GF having a PS4 would make that a much more fun platform to have first if you enjoy playing multi-player / co-op games together.