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Last bosses in Uncharted 2 (lol triple grenade throw....), Sonic Generations, and Rayman Origin come to mind to me. Platformers have a bad habit of getting way harder toward the end.

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@jeanespinosa21: It comes along with the age of most of the audience. I'm pretty meh about it personally. Its more the quack oriented insta-health remedies and oddball denial movements that put me off. And those tend to be larger than the console fan side-show.

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It might make money, if you are out early. But it has been difficult to say - fast ramp up manufacturing seems to be much more possible now. There were mentions on likely supply limitations from Michael Pachter though, so I suppose that means there will be a few hundred dollars to be made.

But the thing is - selling a console like that is a bit sleazy. And for that kind of transaction, you are putting yourself at a decent chance of being defrauded (ebay does not favor sellers typically).

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I picked up the x360 in ~2010 for Halo (had played Halo CE on the first xbox, felt nostalgic).

That turned out to be a bad idea though >.>. The three consoles I have (x360, PS3, Wii U) are all at a max of ~30hrs of games played on them.

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@sonicbooms: I think it is more that gaming podcasts are super easy to over-dose on. After you listen to one the others are likely to be re-treads of the same content. And impressions are pretty similar (e.g. The Last of Us was the thing).

If you want/need more videogame podcasting, it might be worth going into the ones that deviate from the news of the week + bs'ing format. So something like Retronauts, Indoor Kids, 8-4, and (somewhat more topical, but not enthusiast press oriented) Idle Thumbs / Player One Podcast tend to have original content.

Weekend Confirmed is pretty decent, but since they had layoffs at Shacknews the guest of the week ends up carrying a lot of the conversation and more or less determines the quality level (I'm a fan of the stuff with Zhav, Ariel, and/or random Sony Santa Monica devs especially). But its always been fairly topical.

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Binary Domain. Dear God that game's great.

Apparently it


sucks on the PC, so I wouldn't recommend it here.

Controls are iffy. That's about it.

If you want to play Binary Domain with a controller its a little more than iffy. There is no built in remapping and it has a bad habit of defaulting primary fire to the start button.

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@photomic: I'm kind of in that boat, but at some point there are exaggerations. Like donating to humble bundle can mostly be for the charitable side even if you register the games, and for PC there are many bundles where you end up with titles that are of no particular interest. That inflates the overall count a lot (I'm at 300 or so on Steam, but more than half of it is "well its cheaper (or a dollar more) just to buy this group of games rather than the couple I want.....".

Having a large number of unplayed console games while pre-ordering the next-gen is a bit more dicey. But that has been reduced as a consideration, as I have gone through and found out how poorly a lot of the items in my back catalog (which were purchased inexpensively) actually hold up. Play an early X360 title (maybe Turok) and realize that it would probably get a 1/4 of its current metacritic now. That issue comes up in some "classics" even.

That collection makes it feel odd to purchase the genuinely interesting stuff coming up, but at some point it is necessary to realize that maybe you purchased a lot of stuff that is not worth the time to look at (e.g. Steam Star Wars complete pack is a bad value without fanatical Star Wars devotion). And maybe try to be a bit better about it going forward instead of looking at pricing.

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Probably not, but that has a lot to do with what games are most of the time. I think it would be more interesting if the lighter side of how romance is treated in media (like the romantic comedy template) were included.

The inclusion often feels weird in games, and clashes a bit with everything else going around time-scale wise. Dragon Age 2 with the date jumps was kind of the only one that justified the characters not being strangers, even if it kept that tradition super awkward and creepy Bioware template.

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I would have to agree on it being poor, though it was not much of a let down due to how the story arc was moving along). Overall the 3rd game was still very enjoyable (bad ending do not spoil things for me). But getting to the end of a trilogy and hitting the ESC key after the first 30 seconds of the final cinematic is probably a bad sign.

I'm gonna be that guy.

Mass Effect 3, because the games were incredibly good and the original ME3 ending was such a WTF+letdown moment.

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I would be kind of interested. Although, what I would be looking for more is Wii games with graphics updated to PS4 levels. Thats probably not a realistic want, but eh, Skyward Sword has enough art hidden behind a low image quality device that it would be the biggest jump I can envision. Or something like a quick Saints Row IV port of the PC version to the newer consoles.