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I just saw the Raid 2 and it was by far the best action movie I have ever seen. Both super badass and brutal, but also pretty well shot. The theatre was pretty empty so the people there were all pretty into it and there were a couple moments where everyone just collectively went "Ohhhh shiiiiiiiiit!"

5/5 for sure

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This is will surely be locked but it is great regardless. The way the facial expressions match up with the motions and movement is just perfect.

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Always be moving, it takes some getting used to while aiming but it is the key to the combat. The basic bullets use very little energy so don't be afraid to hammer on that R2 trigger, especially with smoke. If you are playing good focus on using the instant subdue abilities (hitting guys in the head with smoke, or legs with neon) and if evil abuse the dash melee attack. Don't be afraid to go vertical as well, use vents to launch yourself with smoke and do comet drops on enemies (it both damages and spreads them apart from each other) and use the neon dash and jump to get around enemies. Also remember that absorbing power sources regains your health too, it can be risky at times but is pretty fast with Quick Drain. Also spam the missile attacks, especially with Neon as you get a ton of ammo and neon sources are all over the place. Another thing to keep in mind with smoke is that destroys enemy structures super quick with the blast attack so use it to take down guys using the towers and bridges.

Platinumed the game a few days ago and didn't find Expert that much of a challenge. The main thing is to remember to keep mobile and not give the enemies a target to hit, the game gives you a ton of mobility for each power. Smoke is best for getting up close to enemies while Neon is great for getting behind enemies or quickly to a rooftop. Frankly I rarely used the last two powers for combat. Smoke is totally underrated it seems, it is great for destroying enemy cover, if playing good the upgraded headshots instantly subdue weaker enemies and if evil then the blast attack can incinerate like 3 or 4 weaker guys at a time.

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God damn Kvelertak is just pure Norwegian crazy awesomeness:

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I really don't get the outrage over it. Is it kind of fucked up? Well yeah. But does it go inline with the rest of MGS in terms of tone, I would say so. The series has addressed some pretty serious issues such as child soldiers, cloning, and the war economy in the past so torture didn't really surprise me. I get that it is a bit of narrative dissonance but is it really wrong for Kojima to try and be a bit more serious this time? He has said that MGSV is all about Big Boss transitioning from war hero to villain and for that to happen some fucked up stuff has to happen to him. The games have always been weird like that too, take MGS 3 where in one moment you are talking to Sigint about how comfortable being inside a cardboard box is and fighting a guy who uses a tommy gun made out of bees, then the next moment you are being tortured and being lectured on loyalty to one's country and what it means to be a soldier.

Any talk about it objectifying women or whatever is just ridiculous. Paz was the most impactful character to blow up and guess what? Hiding a bomb in her vagina is kind of a decent hiding spot especially when you intentionally put a decoy bomb in her stomach. It doesn't matter that Paz was specifically a woman, she was the best plot device that Kojima could use.

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@believer258 said:

I don't remember being able to stream games from the PS3 to the Vita, I thought that was a PS4 thing.

You can stream the XMB from the PS3 and use your Vita as a remote control, no games though. Unless they changed it reciently. Which they probably didn't. Sorry, @brendan.

Certain games can stream to Vita from PS3. I know ICO and Shadow of the Collosus HD both could but I don't know about FFX HD.

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I would feel tagging made it too easy if you still had a radar but since that is gone I am fine with tagging. Yeah it shouldn't cover the entire map probably but I am cool with the concept.

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Order of release purely from a gameplay point of view. I imagine it will be real tough to go from MGS 3 and Peace Walker into MG and MGS.

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Not the only reason but certainly one of the reasons for getting me to adopt early on.

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Usually either the McChicken or Junior Chicken, though sometimes if I am feeling especially greasy I'll do the poor man's McGangBang and combine a Junior Chicken and a McDouble