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Aside from a metal cover of the Assassin's Creed theme, pretty much none. I don't really like any chip tune stuff and most modern game music seems to be the same generic kind of stuff found in most movies too. There are obviously exceptions but in general I find most game music to be forgettable.

Even when playing games unless they are really story heavy I usually mute the music and dialogue and lower the effects, then play other music or listen to a podcast.

It doesn't help that I mainly listen to metal or 90s onward rock and that is rarely ever done well in games.

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I have never liked any hot drink, it's not just coffee. All different sorts of tea I really dislike and even hot chocolate I find gross. Probably is tied to the fact that I will drink ice water and slurpees in freezing weather.

When it comes to actual food I don't have that many specific things beside mainly white onion(red I can stand if used sparingly). I like it in dishes but just can't stand biting directly into a piece of it.

I also tend to go past what many consider to be a rare steak, I pretty much just quickly sear the outside and that's it. I even kind of like my burger's slightly less than well done but living in Canada I can only make them at home cause you have to fully cook burgers in restaurants(for good reason).

I am also one of those people who eat the skin of the kiwi, you fools don't know what you are missing! My mom also makes a crazy good Beet Cake, which no one ever believes is an actual thing.

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@shaka999: No official plans for a PC release at this point, sounds like it will come eventually though

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@fattony12000 Requested for the NA West chapter. Thanks for jumping through all these hoops to make this work man, it is really appreciated. You would think Bungie would be on top of the whole clan stuff.

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@ripelivejam: I actually find it runs surprisingly well on my laptop card, GTX760m. Mind you the beta is capped at 30 fps, and in my opinion doesn''t look all too amazing.

I finally got my DS4 to work by plugging in my 360 controller and setting up the controls with it then switching over to the DS4. I have mixed thoughts about the game, mainly when it comes to the physics and feel of the driving. I will say god damn the currency is dumb, I seriously laughed out loud when I saw that "Bucks" were the currency.

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Have it kind of working, using DS4 to XInput Mapper 1.2.2, if I hide the DS4 controller then it kind of works but reads all the inputs as the wrong buttons. So I can drive around kind of but most stuff still doesn't work. If I don't hide the DS4 then the inputs are mostly mapped correctly, except for it not registering right stick to the right, but it won't let me turn left...which is kind of essential. Looking around the forums for the game it seems multiple people are having control issues with gamepads and wheels.

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@esrever: Trying with a DS4 actually. Haven't tried using my 360 controller yet. The controller is recognized but when having to manually set all the mappings it either won't recognize inputs or misread inputs. Another weird issue is that I will set turn left to left stick to the left and it will accept it, then after saving it drops the mapping.

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If I could ever get the game to work with a controller I would play.

UPlay is ZacBroski

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I have no idea why but Sony emailed some extra codes, even though I pre-ordered from PSN. Gonna give the PS3 copy to a buddy but I have an extra PS4 code that a duder can help themselves too.

PS4 NA Code: Q8E6-28NF-D86T

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I'm a pizza delivery driver and people who call at like 8:25 for a delivery, we stop taking delivery orders at 8:30, piss me off so much. It delays the closing of the shop forcing myself and the closer(s) to stay later than we have to. Also hate people who live way outside of our delivery range and protest that they aren't that far. They will call during peak hours on a Friday and when we say we are too busy to take an order which is way out of our range they will then protest saying that we do it for them all the time, and of course they normally tip like crap. Makes it even worse when there is one regular who is outside of our range but it is the best customer possible in that they know to order during convenient times for us and will tip usually around 8 to 10 bucks on a 30some dollar order.

Outside of customers it is certain dishes that annoy me at work as at our shop drivers also are dishwashers. Certain dishes like the microwave egg containers will shoot the water right back at you if not held just right. The chicken stuff is also terrible as the sheet trays we cook it on get covered in congealed chicken juice and seasoning since we only partially cook the chicken so when put through the oven it doesn't become incredibly dry. The containers we store the bagged chicken in also slowly will fill up with chicken juice and every once and a while we have to change to a new container and clean the old one. Good god the smell when cleaning out the semi-raw chicken juice is terrible, I will just lay it in the dish pit then stand back and spray for a solid minute.