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@patrickklepek This amazing Oculus Rift video barely missed the round-up I think!

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I stumbled onto this piece on a the podcast renaissance as a medium, and was wondering how this could apply or benefit GiantBomb.

I discovered GiantBomb when Jeff and Ryan were guests on one of the 1UpYours podcasts, perhaps at GDC. I did not only continue to listen to the Bombcast, I went through to entire archives and also listened to the Arrow Pointing Down (the guys speak much faster today than a few years ago). Whenever I go on a trip, I will load up on old podcasts. After Ryan left, I started listening to the podcasts from the beginning again. I became a subscriber with the idea that GiantBomb would become more like TV, especially with the first Big Live Live Show, and all the Game of the Year videos. But video production doesn’t scale easily.

My consumption of GB content has always been primarily via the podcasts, and the Quick Looks. I’ll read Patrick’s columns when I visit the website and it’s on the front page; it is too much of a hassle to dig to find past ones (there should be a tag to link them all).

Not much of a forum person. The signal vs. noise is too low for the amount of time I have. I’ll check comments on a QL I like. The Halloween 2014 UPF has amazing gifs.

Lately, how I watch Quick Looks has changed. I used to watch more actively. Now I will be doing something else with the video running in a small window, and only actively switch if it’s a game I’m interested in or the content is entertaining. UPFs are still sit-back-and-watch, because I think the crew is more on-screen. If it’s gaming footage for long stretches, like the Destiny Raid, I am okay with just listening to it, while multi-tasking. When you hear Dan or Rorie or Jeff’ set-up at home, they have 2-3 different things going on at the same time when playing video games.

Jeff has mentioned many times that the industry is still figuring out the medium, with video being the current state of the world. It is reflected not only in video games, but throughout the web. Another wave (or a tsunami) is mobile being the platform on which people consume things, and we’ve seen this affect video games too.

I believe people still read a lot. Just not in book form. I check Jeff’s tumblr, Brad’s tumblr, and Vinny’s tumblr weekly. Reading is bitesize and is easily done on mobile with people being resourceful in exploiting the 5 mins here and 10 mins there waiting in line or waiting for someone or waiting for lunch. So Patrick’s content can be packaged as Reese’s pieces. My favourite blogs such as Kottke and Daring Fireball have been around for over a decade (an eternity on the Internet!) and they’ve pioneered a concise style of blogging that I love and wished I could copy. You can bet that it is personality-driven, much like Giantbomb. They were some of the original link curators.

I happen to work in the web industry, so all of this is fascinating in a way. My favourite way to get current event news was Evening Edition, but it shut down. Quartz’s The Brief is a pretty good substitute. I’ve been around long enough to have tears of nostalgia when I read Paul Ford’s long essay on Tilde Club. Really, go visit Tilde Club!

So to circle back to the subject: how do you consume GiantBomb content? And would you be interested in QLs being available in audio format?

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A few people mentioned this game in the Lichdom: Battlemage QL comments. Is this any good? Lichdom's gameplay did not seem to match its graphics in my opinion.

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The game is out on early access on Steam, and has been renamed to Invisible, Inc.

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The uh uh uh uh reference also quoted in The New Yorker

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For such a popular game, but because of the time investment, I’m not surprised Dota 2 is absent.

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I hope they work in a terraforming system. That helped distinguish Alpha Centauri the most from just Civilization.

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  • GiantBomb expo
  • Bombing in the AM interviews more folks
  • More dump trucks
  • More unique written content (or Patrick’s writing split into more fleshed out pieces).
  • More Windjammers
  • Jeff tries Dota 2 again
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From my Mac, I went to iTunes (11.1), and then from the app menu, clicked on File > Subscribe to Podcast. A model window appeared to paste the URL in, and so I pasted the URL of the movie RSS feed. It then prompted to enter my giantbomb username and password. It worked.

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