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Descent 2nd edition always seemed like a good game that could fit right in with this feature. Each quest takes about an hour and it's a game that would look good filmed in my opinion

The rules are pretty easy and the game plays well with a group of at least 3. I always have a blast playing it. However, the nice thing about a table top RPG is that the DM can fudge rules to make things flow and make things interesting. If you don't have someone in a group that's familiar with the Descent rules, it might not be horribly fun to watch. Also, watching others play will make me want to play, which I can't do right now because everyone I know who's interested has been too swamped for gaming. I just finished up painting up the main box miniatures, too.

I guess it all really boils down to interaction. If the Pathfinder series was Neverwinter Nights, Descent would be Diablo. Then again, it seemed like it was Vinny and Dave who brought the bulk of the role playing into Pathfinder, and they left some mighty big shoes to fill. Maybe straight up dungeon romping for loot will fit Unplugged:TNG better.

But for easing back into Unplugged, I think King of Tokyo would work real well. The rules are incredibly simple to learn.

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A Rifts game done by Obsidian.

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There's also the thing where the game is out many months later on a platform that has a vast library of games.

Look at games like GTA IV, Titanfall, any game with a big marketing train behind it. They score incredibly high, but a month or two later, and the buzz is gone. The issues come out of the wood work.

I do tend to find reviews of ports weird though when not handled by the same original reviewer. Is the game score different because of technical reasons? Or because of gameplay reasons? Of those gameplay reasons, how many of those reasons are concessions made to the port? How many of those reasons exist in both versions of the game?

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@tahirdhudy: But Fallout New Vegas has bags of chips that you can eat! With hardcore mode on, you have to worry about starvation and thirst. Dirty food and water will take care of hunger and thirst, but will poison you. You have to counter that with drugs which start to mess you up.

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This is a game where you need to use a key to remove the magazine. Then manually put in the bullets. Then put the magazine back into the gun. Pull back the slide.

It's a straight up shooter, though.

It kind of sounds like you're looking for a game with exploration and role playing elements from a first person perspective. I'd recommend Fallout New Vegas on hardcore. Press E to eat chips. Press E to drink out of the toilet.

And it's an oldie but a goodie. (That's also real buggy, so patch it up) Vampire the Masquerade.

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If you're going to hit up a park while playing Ingress, do it on a bike or on foot. Otherwise, I'd be worried the people who live around the park will think you're a creeper.

Even if you're vastly outnumbered, the game favors offense so heavily; a single level 8 player can undo the work of 8 players very easily. Even fully shielded, portals crumple like paper even when actively charged.

Unless a portal requires a bit of walking to get to, it'll flip in a day or two, but most likely will stand for hours. In our area, Enlightened players are so determined to deny guardian portals that they will drive hours out of their way to get to it.

Turrets and forceamps seem useless nowadays. They were great when energy cubes were fairly rare. I'm now sitting on 350 energy cubes and farm less than I did last year when I was happily sitting on 30 energy cubes. They're the new link amps.

Glyph. Hold down the hack button until the hack game comes up. Even if you only get one glyph right, you get more gear. If there's a tough glyph, I just skip it and worry about the ones I know I'll get.

Viva la Resistance. We have punch and pie!

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Since you already have a group together for table top gaming (and not RPGs), you could use a game like Descent or the D&D board games as a transition.

There are lots of fantasy RPG settings and rule sets that are easy to get into.

Sci-fi, not so much. At least, not that I've been exposed to. It's mostly Star Wars and Rifts and the later is a TON of neat lore that's hampered by rules that are ass slow and complicated on a good day.

If steam punk is your thing, and if you have people who play Warmachine, the Iron Kingdoms RPG pretty much uses the Warmachine rules.

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Planescape Torment

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Growing up in a Chinese household, we went for dim sum every other week. Sure, you have things like char siew bow (Pork buns), turnip cakes, ha gao, and siu mai. One of my favorites was fung zao. Chicken's feet, deep fried and then braised in a spicy black bean sauce.

None of the things you listed are gross. I mean... there's wax candy for crying out loud (I used to love the little wax bottles filled with crappy koolaid, but what a weird kind of candy if you think about it too much).

As a kid, I -always- wanted those wax bottle candies but my parents never let me buy them. When I was old enough to bike to the store on my own, I bought a bag of them. I didn't know the bottles were literally wax. The liquid inside wasn't very good. None of my friends were able to answer the questions of a young 8 year old Chinese boy. Are you supposed to eat the wax? Chew it? Just bite the tops off and drink the liquid?

@cowman said:

You ever just skip the whole cooking process and just crunch those noodles and add that flavor dust to water and drink it?

I saw a kid at an anime convention do something like this once. He was waiting in some line for some panel, took out a bag of ramen, took the block of noodles out, poured the MSG packet on top, and ate it in brick form.