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Just a heads up, it looks like Dave Snider's not on the guests pull down on either live content, nor quick look content.

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Mount and Blade is really satisfying.

Same with Chivalry. Getting your weapon around someone's shield, or watching someone with a large halberd not being able to swing because they chased you into a hallway is great.

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I think Polygon's way of doing scores is a win/win situation.

When the publisher is running ads, you give the game a favorable score. Once the community finds out the game is crap out of the box, drop that score like a rock to make the community happy. The first score is the one that sticks on metacritic, so the publisher/devs are happy. Win/win! Polygon always looks like the good guy to everyone!

If a place does scoreless reviews, I'd like to see Kotaku's implementation used. The Yes/No/Maybe followed by a quirk blurb as to what's good, what's bad, and what's goofy works much better than an arbitrary 3.9756847693474568467396 out of 7.5.

I don't want some internet person's numeric opinion to validate my purchase decisions. I want some random internet person's opinion to help inform me on a purchase I'm already iffy on. If random turn based RPG got a score of 1/5, I probably wouldn't even look at it. Even if, somewhere in the author's wall of text, they stated they disliked perma-death turn based RPGs. Kotaku might give the game a "Maybe" with a "Disliked: Perma-death of units." and if I was cool with that, I'd do some more research.

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I'm still rocking an old 2500k that's been overclocked to 4.4ghz. I dropped a 970 in a few months ago and it feels great and runs so cool, the fans barely spin up while being considerably cooler than the 7950 I had in here.

With the 960's coming out, it might drive the 970's down a bit. They were quite a bit above MSRP for a while.

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Skyrim. Stealthed bow play is fun, and this mod has been tons of fun.


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Illinois person here using Firefox. Getting constant stops as well.

Go go Comcast. If this keeps up, I'll be forced to drop Comcast and use... Comcast as an alternative.

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@wrecks said:

You father learned and developed learning patterns before the rise of the computer. The computer age and the internet has fundamentally changed the way we consume information.

I'm going to have to say, pretty much this. With the advent of computers that -everyone- has access to, and the internet being able to feed our brains information in seconds, those who adopted and embraced technology in the 90's, or grew up in the 90's with it has our brains programmed differently than people who did not grow up with that skill set.

I also wouldn't quite say that the base knowledge set of people has grown. I think that with the internet and our instant gratification generation, it's become quite the opposite. People skip learning the basics of things so they can get to a middle ground. Like people who can only reproduce songs on a guitar because they looked up the tabs. Or people who can only cook strictly off recipes and have no idea what an individual spice tastes like.

Someone also mentioned brain elasticity, and I think that plays into it as well. Once you've figured out what you're doing in life, you tend to do the same things day in and day out. New concepts just don't jive; especially if they don't mingle well with your own perceived thoughts as to how things should work.

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I don't think there's a quick look or anything. Maybe they took a look at it on a UPF, as they recently played Redneck Rampage, which came out around the same time as Blood and was done in the Build engine as well.

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Any difficulty before torment is a walk in the park. Normal is really just casual/story mode; if you're familiar with hack and slash games, you should be playing it at a higher tier difficulty. To top it off, since the crusader is an expansion class, its seemed way more powerful in the lower levels, but once you hit 60 or so things taper off. Once you hit elite packs that can wall, things ramp up.

And the game scales to your level. I'd say you want to hit max level asap, as the game only really gets challenging once you start hitting torment levels. Then you need to start worrying about sets, gems, and bonuses to survive.

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A lot of SNES era stuff. Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Link to the Past. Stuff still looks good!

However, you wanted PC stuff. Modded or unmodded?

Unmodded, Baldur's Gate 2 has really lovely map art and large monsters. The smaller creatures/humanoids though don't have any detail.

Freespace 2 still looks pretty good. And if you mod it up a bit, it looks very lovely.

Vampire the Masquerade had some spooky areas and in general, is a game worth playing.