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@bcrt2000: I didn't know you wrote that guide. I was actually just there last week and thought it was amazing work. So, thanks for doing that!

I remember being incredibly excited about XvT - I figured it would have its own campaign with versus multiplayer. Instead, it was all pretty much straight up versus. I lost my XvT discs, but I do have the Balance of Power expansion, on disk, sealed. I believe that has a campaign?

I think X-Wing Alliance kind of died on the vine not just because of XvT, but because Freespace had come out before it and Freespace 2 came out shortly after. Didn't X-Wing Alliance need the mouse for controls that were not ship based, though? I remember the cockpits being rendered rather than sprites, and I vaguely remember them being interactive.

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Probably the Saitek X52. It's really the only HOTAS that you can get nowadays that's not crazy money.

I've never been a fan of Saitek, I found the deadzone and stick action to be a little loose for my tastes, but they're really good for the price range. (Not that there's any competition at the ~$100 range.)

It also seems Saitek got bought by Madcatz.

If you're not looking to jump too deep down the rabbit hole, I used to use a Logitech 3d Extreme to fly choppers during Dessert Combat LAN parties. They're $30 on Amazon, has a throttle slider, and I like the action on the stick better than my Saitek X45.

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Terraria. Not really for the survival or building aspects; I just really miss that 2d loot grind type of game.

Really upset that the 2d "HD" Castlevania game they put out a few years back was just the Gameboy sprites in some weird, not standard Metroidvania gameplay.

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@extomar: Sierra published tons of awesome games back in the day. Outside of the point and click adventures everyone remembers them for, they had the Siege series - Earthsiege. Starsiege. Tribes. They published Half Life and Counter Strike. Homeworld.

And let's not forget 50 Cent Bulletproof!

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Hey guys, Mr Sierra here.

I just want to let you know that we're releasing a new No One Lives Forever! We heard your cries, and we're answering!

Follow Kate Archer on her spy adventures on iOS in this freemium portable adventure! That's right folks, it's free!

No One Lives Forever 3; H.A.R.M. The Franchise features stunning 2d isometric graphics and highly addicting gameplay featuring elements of tower defense, RPG, MOBA, FPS, Space Combat, Rogue Like, dance games, call of duty, and puzzle games!

Customize your protagonist, John Jack as he uncovers the mysteries of the universe! Use your Bananas, Shuriken, and Kilts to upgrade your weapons, costumes, and base!

Missions too hard? Use Game Center on iOS to bring in your friends! The more Facebook likes you get, the more XP YOU get!

Pre-order now with our Top Level Agent package and get 9999 Bananas, 500 Shuriken, and 250 Kilts. A $100 value, all your's for only $99.99!

Like us on Facebook for an exclusive Crash Bandicoot costume!

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Being an old man, who played Sonic 1 when it came out, Sonic seems like a product of its time period.

He was all attitude, favoring fast and flashy game play over Mario's slower and more deliberate pace. That sense of speed, ramps, bumpers, became Sonic, just like jumping and warp pipes was Mario's thing. The Sega of that period chased after Nintendo, screaming "Look at me!" and Sonic pretty much personified that. It was bright, shiny, fast, but it lacked any actual depth. The sensation of speed was artificial and the loop/bumper sections were about as interactive as Rebel Assault. Sonic was everything that Mario was not. Even being the motto of Sega; Sega does what Nintendon't.

Nintendon't make shitty Super Mario games.

The biggest problem with Sonic as a game franchise is that its faults are the heart of its gameplay. The speed. It never transitioned well to 3d. You're giving players this sense of speed, but everything's so zoomed in.

Just to see how many pages I'd need to get through before fat sonic/skinny sonic conversations showed up in Google, I looked up Sonic the Hedgehog. Looks like they're making a cgi + live action Sonic movie.

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@development: Joico Spiker Hair Glue.

It is very much glue. It's -very- potent stuff and with my extremely stubborn hair, a pea sized amount diluted with water will work wonders. I do wear my hair short, spiked, and kinda messy. I'm not sure how well it'll hold up if you're trying to do something neat.

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@bemusedchunk: Wow! What race/class combo? Heirlooms?

I rolled a shaman (Never played one.) decked in heirlooms and I feel like I've played just as many hours. I'm level 16. :( Barrens seems real slow compared to the other zones.

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All depends on the kind of hair you have. Some hair styles don't work with certain types of hair.

Go see a stylist. You may have to see a few stylists. I was never happy with my haircuts until I found this girl who was dating an Asian guy. She knew how my hair handled and was able to get it to actually play nice. I told her I was a fencer, and she recommended a product that keeps working, even when I'm dripping sweat. It'll even hold after I take my mask off again, and again, and again.

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I suddenly want to go out and buy Gauntlet.

(I got suspicious when it kept asking me about Gauntlet and then forced me to watch 90 seconds of Gauntlet ads before I could continue, so I stopped. Ain't nobody got time for that. Especially with Qualtrics being a private research company.)