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I was just about to say Dragon Age: Origins. Enemies that were frozen could then be shattered to pieces by strong melee attacks.You had spell combos like nightmare when you put someone to sleep while they were suffering from horror. Friendly fire made positioning important as well.

I'd play DA:O and its DLC on the PC.

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Still Nay.

I think I would have enjoyed DA2 if it was sold under a different title. Dynasty Age or Dragon Age Warriors. (The S makes it cool, right Squeenix?) Hell, it could have been a plastic instrument game, but as long as the game was sold as Dragon Age: Bards, and not Dragon Age 2, I would have enjoyed it more.

I happened to really enjoy the combat of DA:O, as I played it on the PC. It played like how I imagined a modern day Baldur's Gate would. Throughout the marketing, Bioware told us that DA2 on the PC would feature the same type of tactical gameplay. The perception of what I got was a more visceral Dynasty Warriors. But without Liu Bu.

Instead, Bioware told me what to expect through marketing and then failed to deliver by a long shot.

I enjoyed the character interaction better in DA2, I enjoyed a tighter, smaller, less grand-epic story that DA2 offered. But there was too much lazy design in DA2 that ruined the package as a whole. If you're going to redesign areas, at least don't make it so incredibly obvious. Seriously Bioware, I can see the door frame behind that boulder.

I can sum up Dragon Age 2 as a filet dinner. The vegetables were cooked perfectly and seasoned perfectly. It's a shame the filet was cooked well done, dropped in a bucket of salt, drowned in A1 sauce, and then served on a cardboard square.

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The best part of the modern Fallout/Elder Scrolls games are their creation kits.

From the cut and paste dungeons, to the tiny, compartmentalized zones, to the gameplay systems targeted to a more mainstream audience - they're all taken care of by mod makers. Can't find one suitable to you? It's not horribly difficult to create your own, and creation is just as fun as consumption.

It's a toybox with lots of toys to play with on console, and a giant sandbox on the PC. I do think however, it's one of those games where you need to make your own fun, if you will. You need to fill in your own backstory, you need to fill in the blanks, and you need to not take it personally when you save the freakin' world and the damn guards still call you a sneak thief.

Personally anyone calling Diablo 2 a wrpg or rpg is grossly misusing the term imo, when it has so little to do with traditional rpgs and is rather a simple dungeon crawler (albeit one of the greatest by popular opinion). But that's just a pet peeve.

What are you talking about? Call of Duty is my favorite RPG. You get loot, you kill things and get XP, and then you level up! That's an RPG!

I do wonder why there's no actual dungeon crawler genre. Action-RPG doesn't really fit the bill; I'd say Dragon Age 2 or Mass Effect 2-3 fit the action RPG name. But there's no more RPG in Diablo than there is in Titanfall.

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Contacts for when I'm doing sports stuff. My glasses are too expensive to risk. On top of that, it's incredibly difficult wearing glasses underneath a fencing mask.

Otherwise, I take my contacts out as soon as I can. My eyes are pretty dry, and the lenses irritate me. It's like having an itch all day long, when you finally get to scratch, it feels so good.

I rather like wearing glasses - I like my current frames quite a bit.

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Had this picture on my computer for a while. Dunno if anyone else posted something like this, but this is McDonald's position on the matter.

Hope it helps :)

Since this thread got necro'ed and no one mentioned it...

The fine folks at McDonalds have also classified chicken nuggets and chicken strips as sandwiches. And they want to make $15 an hour. Pfft.

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Microsoft Defender/Essentials + Malwarebytes. MSE is fast and most importantly, non-obtrusive.

I also run Emet 4.1, don't have Java installed, and use No Script.

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I'm running a 7950. It's a good card, runs everything nicely. It is hot and loud, but I also have it overclocked and overvolted.

However, if I were going to buy something today in that price range, I would get a 760.

I'm just getting tired of AMD's Catalyst Control Center. The actual video drivers are ok. But I need to make specific changes from time to time, and the Catalyst Control Center has this habit of never working.

Power supply will be no big deal to install. It's just time consuming if you want to do it right. Get some velcro ties for cable management.

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Mount and Blade Warband with the Warhammer mod.


I would make them watch me play chess against an easy computer while I talked about popular breakfast restaurants around Aurora, IL

Honey Jam Cafe on Butterfield. Not really around Aurora, but I'd like to avoid the city of police lights.

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  1. Half Life 2 (Mostly because of the mods)
  2. Unreal 2004 (Alien Swarm!)
  3. Battlefield 1942 (Lost so many hours LAN'ing Desert Combat and Wake Isle)
  4. Jedi Knight 2
  5. No One Lives Forever
  6. Ravenshield/Athena Sword
  7. Doom 2
  8. Half Life (Team Fortress, CS)
  9. Duke 3d
  10. Left 4 Dead 2
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This kind of answers the, "When is Pathfinder returning?" question.

I guess Small Businessman ended up flying to New York to deliver a package because the post office was on fire and he didn't use stamps.com.