GOTY 2011

Random personal list of my favorite 2011 games, so I don't ever forget and stuff. You know, cause everyone does it. Of course there is always the note that I did not play everything I wanted to in 2011, but who does really?

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Posted by tekmojo

Cool to see other people like Kairosoft, you should check out World Cruise Story, made my list :]!

Posted by ZenaxPure
@tekmojo: Man.. I hadn't even heard of that one. The app store is so bad at promoting great games unless you constantly check it (which I don't because i hate messing with my 2nd generation touch at this point). I am going to have to go download that one asap, Kairosoft is awesome.
Posted by RVonE

Very interesting list and a good read. Well done.

Posted by tekmojo
@Zenaxzd: I think I heard that they won't tell people their release dates, they just put them out on the store when it's done, which is kind of messed up lol. So every month or so I do a quick search for "Story"