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I watched a few matches i had no idea how anything works. That noobs stream was a great idea but i still couldn't fully grasp what was going on.

I would love to learn Dota but I have other games that i practice and Dota would eat up a ton of time.

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R.I.P Ryan like it was stated many many, many, many, times before we all miss you man.

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I have 800 turnips anyway i could get in to unload them in someones town? I'll throw some of the bells your way.

FC: 1204 0623 3959

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WHAT!?!?! WHAT!???

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The last day they said they'll be doing a stream, not sure how long it'll last though.

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@CaptStickybeard: I dunno man, i see myself becoming my parents more and more everyday. Which i used to think was a horrible thing but now it's not as bad. Oh, interesting side note Downtown features Goat who is later in Megas XLR. The creators say that Downtown, Megas & Motorcity all take place in the same universe. For Motorcity i think it takes place WAYYYYYYYYYY in the future.

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I'm 28 and recently I been think that I have just now hit the moment when I think I am old. Mainly because all i do is listen to music and watch TV from when i grew up. It like how your parents always claim things were better back in the day. This all started with me suddenly remembering MTV's Downtown a failed animated show from the 90's that i was really into. I was watching and just wondered why MTV now sucks so hard but after some time i began to question does MTV actually suck or am I just stuck in the past.

For Reference btw. So, am i getting old or are things really as crappy as I see them to be?

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@WarlordPayne: I'll take Link to the Past over OoT everytime.

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It's an image I've always identified myself as. Even though of getting a Tattoo based on it.