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  some men have purses.
wow your not getting  it .  their still pushing it as  the pyro's a  female thing  the same way they are  pushing  the Louis    pill  joke thing    like with this video
 And the real thing your not getting is that as I said the important  reason why I mentioned it is  there is none.  no women in  that game  until they show other wise that is  the reason  TF2 should be on the freaking list any way . for that reason   and why I brought it up. And the the agency will fix that problem not sure why this is being dragged. sides it' s not me you have to tell this to any way.  too many people stil talk about the pyro be in girl in the game or not when i'm ether in pub or tournment in that game i don't really care. it's them you have to convince not me. 

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@Evilsbane:  and   @The_Laughing_Man:  No man their still hinting that the pyro 's a woman  a in their comic's and more  my team is pro gaming on TF2 and valves still pushing that. oh the pyro has a purse.    what ever.
 it's no big deal. Ether way  the point here I was trying to bring up  is that  game still fit's the bill on not having girls in them. And it's still not a major deal,  Like I said games like the Agency  will be a breath of fresh air then  for those of us that like verity and  will  show these things we want.  when it comes out and you better hope it's  does and it's actually good to play  too. lol
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 lol whoa it can  also be argued tha TF2  team fortress 2 doesn't have any females as well.  oh  they keep hint ing at the pyro being a female,  but until they actually bother to let us see for sure and i mean  we see the pyro out of the suit  that's up for debate ain't it?  Well you still have the agency thathas females in it.  you better hope that comes out.

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S.orry I haven't been online as much thanks for letting me in 
Buzzkill . I'll be on as soon as I can. I've just been busy and I have something going down. I'll see you when I see you though. hope all is going good for you all.

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@Talon27:  hmmm very sound advice
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that is a good point  on level 5 in wow characters
Trilogy .  Though i won't touch that game . But I've seen that happen though.  So it makes sense. but it's as I said. if there 's no fun elements  Immediately  to get certain players hooked  it  just turns those certain players off.  Some people really hate to work for stuff. the don't want shotty stuff and to have to work ther way up  to the better stuff.   And  epecially in games they don't want it to feel like it's the work place. Cause their working to get that stuff in the end  but it's taking too long  in some thing that supposed to be fun and people don't like  that.  having  to do something that feels like a job to do.

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 I guess it's a time thing to have your character be good and get all the cool stuff too bad making the player wait killed it for Jeff.. give the player the  some elements of fun stuff immediately.  or  esle your game is nearly dead to certain players. don't make  them work  to get the good.  it'll just turn certain people off. 

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whoa you managed to get global agenda looked at. I stand corected on the STO comments.  can't wait for agency hope that's good.

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ok  put in on my  vent.   is it's still being set up? I 'm not entering for some reason.

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I did use the print screen key during the beta  run it didn't want to take.   I was told on super hero hype that the beta  at that  time wouldn't let you do so .  
Originally Posted by SouLeSS
Doesn't work in the beta.

However, typing "/screenshot_ui_jpg" or "/screenshot_jpg" takes screenshots. Something like that, just type /screenshot in game.[/quote]
as  seen here.
so it wouldn't have worked if I had bothered for hours hitting that button. which i almost would have  but i did use it when   I was asked to get that pic the first time . when I used the cell as an alternative cause it was getting annoying.   I'll get  a frap account set up later.    
this will have to do for now.

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