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Testing out Nvidia DSR with Borderlands The Pre Sequel

1.50x from 1080

seems fine so far, game looks a bit better and no performance hit.

interestingly enough this has been the only way to get downsampling to work with this game for me, tried setting up custom resolutions and GeDoSato, no dice.

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Middle Earth - Shadow Of Mordor

"Big Head Mode"

"Where's Talion?"



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"Ah yes, the Show Me State"
I have no idea what that means, but i liked it.

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Holy fucking shit.

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I was a bit surprised since i was on the impression id have to manually renew my sub every year when i got that email because i use Paypal.
So here's a cat .gif for you Rorie for making me feel surprised.

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Well put Jeff, couldn't agree more.

Lets hope this dies out sooner rather than later.

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Shadow Of Mordor - Photo Mode Edition

"It Wasn't Me"

"War Zone"


"Gut Punch"


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@rorie said:

@zenmastah said:

They really should've just let players use all four weapon slots from the beginning already.

I hope it happens in the next game cos i'm tired of having to wait for them to open for hours and hours because of some reason.

Yeah, pretty much. We're three games into the series; I think I can reasonably be expected to be able to switch between four weapons before the, like, fifth hour of gameplay.

Yeah, especially with this game where the levels offer more open ways to deal with enemies due to the low gravity it would be nice if i would not have to constantly go to the menus to change my loadout for the first 3/4 of the game.

I just entered the end game and got my fourth slot open.
Too long.