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PC, baby!

Going to cap that frame rate and see how it holds up whilst downsampling with my 4GB 770..

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It has a larger world, yes, but it already looks miles better over the second one.

Have a look

I wonder what kind of system they had that running on, no way was it Xbox One with that level of detail @1080p 60fps

I think i remember reading the original footage is not 60fps.

I do hope it scales well when its released.

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Anyone up for some Borderlands 2?
If so, add me on Steam, same nic.

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If they don't publish the next episode in the next 10 minutes then, by god, I 'm going to patiently wait until later on and check back when I have time.

Thatll show em!!!

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Cmooon Drew.

Push it thru, real good like.

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Its 10am here, i just woke up and made some coffee...Cmooon Drew you can do it buddy!

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Im super fucking pumped to finally play as Claptrap, hes supers seem fucking weird from what ive seen.

Dont really mind if it ends up being like Borderlands 2.5, i like me some Borderlands.

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Right now?

New Order.

Awhile back?

Borderlands 2.

Way way back?