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PC ppl are waiting for the January release of the game and PS4 folk are playing other stuff.
Wonder how much MS paid for the timed exclusive.

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Ive seen maybe two videos of this and in the other one the main female assassin had some kind of cloaking device and a hook to instantly scale buildings.

Seems that Ubi has finally made some neat new innovations to the series.

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@vickykillz said:

All videos have no interface or play button on Chrome. Normal on Firefox.

Yep, tried on Chrome and all i get is a transparent box where the player is.
Works on incognito mode though..

Firefox and Explorer both say i should use a browser that supports flash or HTLM5.

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I wonder what the actual price will be for a new dance.
5 euros?
10 euros for three new one?

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Even the fire alarms sound cool over there.
Watched this yesterday, crazy stuff.

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@jec03: yep, after 4 this really isnt doing much to me either.

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They're gonna be playing this game for a year at least at the rate they were going. It's big. It's a lot of gameplay. It can be difficult.

Yep, ive put 17hrs into it and ive done 10%.

You have to do some amout of side ops to get the moneyz to have the nice things to not die and all that..
Looking forward to the feature but it could go on for awhile.

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There should be an upgrade to the helicopter for some subwoofers.