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i5 3550 with 670 @ 1100Mhz is what i was playing with with SR3.. Have a 770 @1100 now
Dont know, might give SR4 a try since its quite cheap at greenmangaming and none of the other new games really interest me.

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Yeah, i had some hitching and them some, the game seriously has a GTA IV kind of thing happening to me.

A good 60 at one point and then turn the camera a few degrees and it drops to high 40s.

Annoying as fuck.

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Hows the framerate in SR4 with a 770?
Ive not bought it yet cos SR3 runs like crap, is 4 more optimzed?

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Thank you so much for these.

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Did you turn power profile to maximum performance on the Nvidia control panel?

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One of the best soundtracks there is really.

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Cant remember the last time i was this hyped for a game.

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Playing as a Warlock and i just beat the first boss, really digging the game.

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60fps with no motion blur is my preferred way, its just so much smoother than sub 60 let alone 30.

Couldnt play LA Noire cos it was capped at 30, my eyes began to hurt cos the image was so choppy.

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You need to make a choise in what you need the most with your monitor, colors or gaming.

Ive had many monitors in the past year and a half and i recently bought this which has good colors and really low input lag and screen size.

For a IPS panel i think its a good all rounder for colors and gaming.

I think if you go higher than 6-bit the ghosting becomes more prevelant, but dont quote me on that i am in no means a expert.