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I dont get why so many ppl are telling him to think about it, his skin, his moneys ( i assume), why on earth would he think what other ppl have to say about what he has tattooed on him?

If thats what youd like to do OP, go for it.

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Heres a good article from Digital Foundry about futureproofing PCs right before next gen launches.

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Yeah, Physx off and cap your framerate to 60 and see if that helps.

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I bet that 80 is the combined sum of 60 for the game and 20 for some DLC that you have to buy to get the whole story, so its just what they are already doing really.

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Got a third party 360 controller first, it broke within a month after purchase so got a official wired 360 controller after that and ive been pleased with it.

The third party controller was Saitek Cyber v5 Rumble Pad btw, stay the fuck away from that POS.

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The Swapper

4K Downsampling

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To infinity, and beyond!

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Mass Effect 3

4K Downsampling

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Just watched John Drake talk about Ryan on the Harmonix stream, that got to me hard.

Been listening to this a lot since yesterday, my go to song when im feeling sad.

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Godspeed Ryan, you were one of the good ones.