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1. Stick of Truth

2. New Order

3. Child of Light

4. Jazzpunk

5. Watch_Dogs

what i didnt like

Thief..holy shit what a complete clusterfuck.

Murdered:SS..got soooo bored after the first hour i have yet to finish it.

All on PC

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From what ive seen of Destiny id be all over that shit, cant play FPS games with a controller so if they release a PC version at some point im game.

Have to agree with OP on that potential timetable too, 1 year between the console and PC release seems about right, most PC folk will probably not jump in day one because of the delay though..still a sale is a sale even if its during a sale at that point.

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8gb RAM

im hoping this runs well uncapped to 60.

pre-ordered for 30e so if not kinda whatevs but still..

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Just pre-ordered Steam version for 30e, from what ive already seen of the game im pretty sure ive made the right choise.

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Im planning on building a new PC for TW3.

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Being a PC gamer, Kojima really delivered to me with GZ and PP coming to Steam.

Its been too long since ive last played a MGS game (Sons of Liberty)
Now all he has to do is release Silent Hills for PC too and im all like <3

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Theres plenty of material out there of Shadow of Mordor for everyone to make their own minds if the game is something they would like to buy imo.

The latest trailer was filled with E3 game of the show shit, if that rocks your boat. The general word fromthe journalist of the biznes seem pretty damn positive.

I have faith in Monolith in recards of the port also, so with that price its a kind of a no brainer for me atleast.

That being said, pre-ordering is always a risky move and especially with GMG and their super aggressive pricing on titles i do see why it would seem like a too good of a deal to pre-order with such deep discounts...i dont believe Shadow of Mordor will be anything like Colonial Marines though.

How Gearbox handled Colonial Marines is luckily a rare thing.

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Cool, the last game i played was Sons of Liberty.

Gimme dat Kiefer, son!