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I'm thinking of AC4 specifically. Was it the smoke effects that hit the frame rate and not the God Rays?

Yeah, not so much at its release but after they patched in all the PhysX affected new effects including better smoke it made the game even more unplayable.

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@based said:

Hey! Add me on PS4. My username is Huncat. Just looking to do anything especially with the DLC.

Ill add you in a bit, looking to do raids especially.

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Sent a request to EU1

deereks on PSN and Bungie.

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Best of luck to him, Kotaku seems like a good fit since they seem to do quite a bit written stuff compared to GB.

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PS4: deereks

26 (an inch away from 27) Warlock


Havent done any of the raids yet so i would be looking for some folks to help me in VoG i guess.

Dont have a headset up yet but in the next few days ill have one set up.

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This is a really fucking great thing.

Have a great 2015 yall!

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It's a great podcast game, but yea that can be infuriating if your audio setup doesn't allow for that. I personally have my PS4 running to both my speakers and my TV, so while I generally mute the TV to avoid audio echo I can easily turn down the speakers or unplug the system from them to separate audio when I'm attempt to podcast Destiny. Where I first noticed these options were missing was when I started partying up for the harder missions prior to most of my friends ditching the game.

The headphones I use (Klipsch Image x-11) come with a speaker which makes them more ideal for chat than the pack-in headset, and they're also fantastic gaming headphones since the sound is so rich and stage so sealed from the outside world, but they are SO good that the game audio easily overpowers the voice chat with all that bass and rich orchestral swagger. I quickly found that the only way I could party up was to start a voice chat separate from the game where you can easily balance the headphone audio between voice chat and game audio.

Yeah, tried setting up a one man party where you can slide the slider all the way to the headphone side, still the game is too loud.

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It was focus tested and deemed to just be confusing for casual players.

Goddamn console peasants...oh wait.

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The lack of sound mix options is probably (weirdly?) the biggest red flag to me that Destiny 1 is a flawed platform and should not win GOTY. I played at least 60 hrs of it, but it is not a polished product. The polish is there in the graphics and gunplay, but much on the backend is lacking.

I just could not believe it when I noticed the lack of sound sliders, and it is an increasing trend amongst console games.

The "complex and complete soundscape" argument does not gel for me when the sound has very little impact on gameplay mechanics.

Yeah, coming from the PC side im used to not having graphics options or control options but sound?
Thats very new to me.

It does have great mixing though and good effects and music and they are obviously very proud of them since they approach them like one would do when mixing a movie.

"This is the final mix, and thats final, enjoy."

Its just that Destiny is a game, not a movie..

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@zenmastah: Couldn't you just turn the sound on your telly down?

Im using a USB drive for the podcasts so no.
HDMI through a receiver into a monitor, headphones plugged into the receiver.

I'd like to point out that most of that $500 million budget is dedicated to marketing the franchise over the duration of the 10 year deal with Bungie. The amount that the devs get to spend on building this first game is closer to $50 million than $500 million.

But still, how ever much they use of that 500 million to market the game i still think including options for music and voice and sound effects should be in the game.

Thats really basic stuff.