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Far Cry

1620p downsampling

Far Cry 2

1620p downsampling

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I know it won't happen, but I'd really like to see Tina Fey show up for a random unprofessional Friday.

That would certainly be something.

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We need Dans dad though.

He already posted it somewhere that those videos will almost certainly keep on coming.

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1620p Downsampling

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1440p Downsampling

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If anything theyve copied the vibe from Saints Row series when creating these digital trips..

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i wonder if the cutscenes are handled like aciv did them, maxed out and better looking models..

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@mrcraggle: The one thing thats different with the Division is that theyve already released a video showcasing the different things the engine can do, which was not the case with Watch Dogs...im hopefull that Division can hold up to what theyve shown so far when it comes out.