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Loving the artstyle from what ive seen from the trailer.

I do hope they port it to Android by the end of the year.

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Three heavy armor persons with as much anti-dragon runes and weapons in them as possible.

One person with a Bianca to throw jars of bees for laughs.

Hack and slash.

Potions of regen.


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@villainy said:

I'm a fan of your content @totalbiscuit and will continue to consume it but my heart belongs to the supreme videogamesman and true master of esports.

The truest face of eSports.

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Its frustrating that i still have to go to a upgrade station to upgrade and create weapons, specially with this game that has tons and tons of fast travelling to begin with.

Same goes to shops for that matter, theres even areas that dont have shops in them so you have to fast travel to a different area to unload youd loot pack, then fast travel back to continue exploring.

Feels so 2008 or something..let me do things on the go goddamnit.

Every camp should have a shop and a upgrade station at the very least imho.

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I've encountered a ton of little bugs and glitches. Here are a few that stood out:

- My character's legs becoming all weird and slanted.

- Will sometimes get a bunch of " quest completed " notifications for quests I beat ages ago.

- A certain string of dialogue with Stroud crashed the game every time.

- Character's acting...weird in some cut scenes. Abrupt turning around, looking the wrong way, etc.

- Sometimes dialogue just doesn't continue for like a good minute.

- Sound effects not playing sometimes

Here's a funny one I was able to catch:

Thats a nice one, had a similar but not as funny one happen to me yesterday.

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A tough as nails female Qunari wielding a two-handed weapon.

With a voice of an angel.


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Just used Experience to install 344.75 and it seems to work just fine, lets you do a clean install and all that.

Might use it in the future since it also looks up beta drivers.

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1620p Downsampling
SweetFX with SMAA

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Soooo, apart from the cutscenes that run like ass the game is running at a relatively stable 37fps for me using Medium environments, Low shadows, HBAO+, Bloom and injecting some SMAA on 1080p, textures on Ultra.

I have to use medium on environments because anything past that causes the game to just stop every 5mins or so to do something on the background, i mean it resumes after maybe 5 seconds every time but its just too annoying. Theres no hit on the framerate, it just stops to do something. I have no idea.

But goddamn if the game isnt buggy as shit holy hell, just had my first crash after i died and it tried to resume from a checkpoint.

Ubi should focus on fixing the game and not the microtransactions goddamn.


gtx 770 4GB


Win 7 SP1


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@korwin said:

@doctordonkey said:

It's cool guys, they are making good progress, check it out!

Now people can properly spend more money on this broken product!

Awesome, it's nice to know they have their priorities straight...

Ubi what the fuck are you doing?