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I am just dumbfounded by this, i bought the game for a podcast game since it seems it doesnt have that much in the story compartment in it but i tried the demo and the shooting was alright so why the hell not but jesus christ no options to turn the music or voice down?


I just dont understand why.

I really dont.

Thats like one of the most basic things you have in the options, along side you know, set your brightness levels and shit like that.
What the hell Bungie?

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From the top of my head.


The Witcher 3 (PC)

No Man's Sky (PS4)

MGSV: PP (I hope it comes to PC at the same time as consoles get it, if not, PS4)

Uncharted 4

Arkham Knight (PC)

Hyper Light Drifter (PC)

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If you have a 4GB card you dont need to upgrade now, wait for next year when the real jump in Nvidia GPUs come.

If you have a 2GB card atm and have the cash, go for it.

Bare in mind that there seems to be serious issue with coil whine with the 970s across the board so you might end up with a card that makes some noise.

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@humanity said:

And people made fun of the XB1 controller for using regular batteries.

At this point I never play with my controller unplugged. It seems one solid session with a game is enough to drain it down to the red so why bother. On the 360 when I could use those Eneloop rechargeable batteries they would go for weeks and I always had a spare ready to pop in.

Not sure if the light on the PS4 pad is draining that much juice but there really ought to be an option to have it off completely. I've set mine to "DIM" but as I said, one longer session and it's dry again.

(one longer session being like 3.5 hours or so while also using voice chat)

So DS4 has a built in battery that you cant change?

Why on earth?

I just bought a PS4 and plan on using it with my DS4 wired to the thing, will it still become useless in a year because it doesnt understand to bypass the battery when its connected with a USB cable?

I mean i use a Xbone controller on my PC and i dont have batteries in it since its always connected to my PC via USB.

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@zenmastah: ze crossfire, in my case :(

doesnt matter, the more GPUs you can throw at the game, the better =)

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More time to save up for that SLI folks!

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ive found a game called Crossy Road on Play Store, but it aint this one.

Im waiting for the website for the game to update with the android version.


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Loving the artstyle from what ive seen from the trailer.

I do hope they port it to Android by the end of the year.

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Three heavy armor persons with as much anti-dragon runes and weapons in them as possible.

One person with a Bianca to throw jars of bees for laughs.

Hack and slash.

Potions of regen.