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ive had no problems with the game so far, im 10hrs in at this point and ive died twice.

there are no graphics options and i do mean none, the game runs at 720p if you are not using GeDoSaTo and it does not run at a smooth framerate, but ive got it almost running good by using D3DOverrider and im downsampling from 1440p to 1080 atm.

for what i paid im having a good time.

i do wish there would be some sound options because this is like the perfect podcasting game for me.

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Final Fantasy XIII
God Bless Durante Edition

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I was hyped to fight the black hand and was pretty disappointed with the end game in general. If there is one word to describe SOM end game it's "Rushed".

"So uhhh..how about that DLC then?"

After all i did to get to the end it felt kinda unsatisfactory, and those last two fights were weird and easy.

Really liked everything i did before i got there though, and im planning on getting that DLC too.

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Yeah, the second area especially at night when its raining is really heavy to run it seems.

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Other than this the game has been very bug free for me, seems well polished.

I honestly think that it kinda fits with the music and the time of the day really..haha.

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I think i am, ive already put 18 hrs in and i just got to the second area.
Might have to go and get the season pass soon.

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PC, baby!

Going to cap that frame rate and see how it holds up whilst downsampling with my 4GB 770..

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@einhert said:

@zenmastah said:


It has a larger world, yes, but it already looks miles better over the second one.

Have a look

I wonder what kind of system they had that running on, no way was it Xbox One with that level of detail @1080p 60fps

I think i remember reading the original footage is not 60fps.

I do hope it scales well when its released.

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