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Well, for the longest time now youd have to run Ubi games through UPlay even if you launch them from Steam, so in a way how much does this really change things?

One less DRM to run on the background when you play future Ubi games is all this is.

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Got four codes for PC if you want to try it out.





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PS4 for now and pick up the new Nvidia card next year cos its supposed to be the big jump tech wise finally.

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That Polygon quote is really something..

Game looks interesting, ive had my eye on it for awhile now. Love the look of it.

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Well, it does look awful pretty and theres lots and lots of NPCs on the screen.

But its Ubi so dont be surprised when even if you match the required specs you wont see a stable 60.

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Testing out Nvidia DSR with Borderlands The Pre Sequel

1.50x from 1080

seems fine so far, game looks a bit better and no performance hit.

interestingly enough this has been the only way to get downsampling to work with this game for me, tried setting up custom resolutions and GeDoSato, no dice.

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Middle Earth - Shadow Of Mordor

"Big Head Mode"

"Where's Talion?"



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Loading Video...

"Ah yes, the Show Me State"
I have no idea what that means, but i liked it.

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Holy fucking shit.