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I didnt know Nintendo sent Rosalina and Luma to an asteriod, must be a galaxy 3 viral campaign.

Ps: should have been Donkey kong

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Diddy kong racing 2 by retro and monster games announcement on the show. Cmon kevin callhagn rumor.

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Mod edit: Here is the story the user is referring to: http://tay.kotaku.com/nintendo-fans-are-annoyed-by-the-downgrade-in-amiibo-qu-1650977502

Forget #gamergate because #amiibogate its coming after the massive downgrade most of the figures suffered from tradeshows showing and those Amazon pre order pages! Cmon nintendo. ( just look for the link, peach and wii fit amiibo comparison on twitter)

Thanks to the providence that the DK amiibo still looks good.

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My obscure picks are

The blob , 1988

Superstition 1982

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@berniesbc: ok im totally wrong about that last part ( this game its my gta5 ,destiny or witcher3) but i still stand in my position with Dr or Dp, its just seems lazy and I dont want to wait another 8 years for k rool, dixie etc, specially with nintendo current situation.

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Well rob its tha last character someone already got the all characters message, thanks sakurai for putting clone characters like dr mario or dark pit instead of ridley or dk characters, now lets see how badly the game underperforms.

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I just got my wii u today(nsmbu bundle) with tropical freezze and mk 8 in preparation for HW , Bayo and Smash. But when i reached the first system update it lost connection and now i am stuck in the loop of inputting my 3ds nintendo id and losing connection over and over beacuse i cant perform the system update. Is there are any wii u users that had this problem? I ve been trying all morning.

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I cant watch it on twitch or on the front page on my iPad , did they change to some other service?

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Well im off to connect my gamecube and play tony hawk 3 , for neversoft...

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Thats why you dont buy consoles on launch just based on forum and Twitter hype. Give it a year and the ps4 and Xbox one will start living to their potential, besides they are going to last at least 7 years. Unlike the wii u that has 6 months to prove it can coexist with Super hd twins.

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