Max Payne 3 challenge.

Hey all!

Just thought I'd start my blog.

Currently in the process of writing my dissertation for my MA and I needed some time to think of other stuff. Recently gaming on the Xbox 360 has been limited due to my work load and honestly I have bought too many games which have been left to collect dust. In the last few weeks I have made a promise to myself not to buy anything else unless DLC related until I 100% complete a game. This is a challenge for me as out of my 192 or so 360 games I have played. Only 9 of these have been 100 % finished.

Max Payne is a perfect game for this challenge. It forces me to play in competitive multiplayer and therefore, play it often enough so that I can reach that Lvl 50 mark. This is not usual for me as I normally play with friends and within parties. However currently none of my buddies have MP3 so I'm having a blast instead among my 'crew members' of RDR.

MP3 is a fantastic game and yet again in my opinion Rockstar have provided another summer blockbuster for a third year in a row.

Though the single player is troubled by cutscences/loading screens which you cannot skip, the inclusion of golden guns, clues, score attack and new york minute keeps making me come back to it.

MP3 does have it's issues... The level system used in Multiplayer can be unbalanced. Especially with the sniper rifle being restricted to those over lvl 40. On some maps it is difficult to survive in areas when you have a team of snipers taking off your head every so often. Recently I have also noticed the emergence of 'noob tubing' which I have not seen since the days of Hidden and Dangerous 2. On some games I have seen a lot of people use RPG's and LAW lauchers. Though they are perfectly legitimate ways of killing players, I cannot help feel that it's a bit cheap.

Overall however, I would recommend this game and I look forward to continue playing for the next few months.


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