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Battletag: Zephyr#1694

Difficulty: Normal

Class: Demon Hunter

Region: Europe

Feel free to add me if you like, but for my first playthrough I will be going solo. I'll update this post when I finish it.

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Card NameTypeNumber
PitPalutena's Army001
PalutenaHer Own Army002
Power of FlightPalutena's Army004
Dark Lord GaolUnderworld Army008
Dark PitUnaffiliated016
EZ CannonWeapon152
MikUnderworld Army199

Power of Flight actually came from my friend's Game Informer magazine.

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@ShiftyMagician said:

Hey guys. I'm soon about to purchase a 360 after all these years since its release. The game that finally convinced me to do it? FEZ.

I'm a sucker for games that involve some light puzzles, exploration and ambient environments. The last real one I played was on the PC called Knytt Stories. That is probably the last game I played that had a very similar vibe to FEZ and is the kind of game that I really would love to play more of. They seem to be real rare these days so that's a bit of a bummer. So thanks to this one game, I'm buying a console and will have no idea what to get for it besides some really awesome XBLA titles that I've always wanted like Space Invaders Infinity Gene and Pacman CE DX.

So now that you all know what game did me in in wanting and eventually owning an Xbox 360, I ask of you all - which game made you buy a console it was released for (assuming it was a game that convinced you)? I also open this question to the other two main platforms this generation, including hand-helds if you guys want to broaden this thread out.

Finally as a side question, anyone know of any similar games to FEZ and/or Knytt Stories that people can recommend me?

I just bought a 360 a few weeks ago, myself. My reason was to actually get to play some multiplayer games with my friends who have refused to get into Steam. I just finished Gears of War and have moved on to Gears of War 2, with a little bit of Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer to see what all the hype is about.

My reason for buying a PS3 was Metal Gear Solid 4. MGS2 on the PS2 hooked me, so I had to see how the series would end. The Blu-Ray player was a nice bonus.

Reason for getting a Wii was Super Smash Bros. Brawl. My college friends and I played that game to death, it was really pretty ridiculous.

DS/DSLite/3DS reasons were no games in particular. I just love JRPGs and increasingly handhelds are the biggest platform for them. Same reason for the PSP.

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Ultima Online. I played that game almost every day for years. I really wish MMORPGs would have evolved more inline with UO than with Everquest, but they didn't. I haven't played another MMORPG seriously since then.

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@matthias2437 said:

I don't really think that is honestly that big of a deal. I'm sure a lot of the people that want to play Demons Souls have played it already and moved on to Dark Souls.

@CJduke said:

..If not, they can still play it without the multiplayer, or just play Dark Souls

For the most part, yes, you're both right. However, some people do like to go back to games that they have played, or have missed, and with Demon's Souls shutting down this won't be possible to the same extent. Think about the case of Journey. It has had a lot of buzz around it as being a "revolutionary" gaming experience in a lot of ways. What if the online play did not exist because the service was discontinued because thatgamecompany released a new, similar game? Sure, Journey could be played offline, all by yourself, but that's missing the point.

Offline, Demon's Souls is just another ridiculously hard action RPG. That's fine, but it's not special. The thrill is in the possibility of someone popping in to your world to murder you or to potentially save you. To leave little tidbits of advice that might be crucial to your survival. Dark Souls is not "Demon's Souls: Modern Warfare 2", where it doesn't matter that the community has moved on. This is a classic that's going to fade into history.

@whyareyoucrouchingspock said:

Last week I decided to re-install Rome: Total War after years of not touching it. Checking the multiplayer, it was surprisingly still active.

If they opened games up to modding and not such a close fisted approach console gaming has, IP's would have a longer life and be more ingrained with gamers.

Battlefield 3 being a totally closed off game will probably have a much shorter life span than any of the other (more open) Battlefield games that are still fairly active today.

I agree 100%, this is why I tend to be more of a PC gamer for online games. The online community for console games explodes upon release and DLC releases, then slides slowly into obscurity and eventually dies altogether. If server control is in the hands of players any game can potentially live forever. I could totally see a Demon's Souls fansite running a server for players and being relatively popular if it was possible without some elaborate hacking. It's a real shame in Battlefield 3's case as well.

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The official Atlus email:

I think I speak for a lot of hardcore RPG enthusiasts when I say that this is sad news. The experience I had with this game had online play as an integral part of the formula. It was bound to happen though, just as all console games are. *salutes*

This news was also was posted in the Demon's Souls board, but I feel that this should get more coverage. If Vinny wasn't so busy with having a new kid and all I would ask for a "farewell TNT" or something to the effect, since I've heard Dark Souls and Demon's Souls mentioned on several occasions on Giant Bomb, but that might be unrealistic.

Personally, I think I'll play at least a little before it closes down for good, and give it a proper farewell.

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Nice! Can't wait to hear more.

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@mfpantst said:

@Zephyria: write a blog on your experiences or something. I kinda want to know what it's like to play another console late in the cycle. I think to myself every once in a while I should get a ps3, but don't because it's late and I'm happy with my xbox. So I want to know after a few weeks if you like or regret your decision.

Hey, good idea. I wanted to do some blog entries but have trouble thinking of interesting topics. It might be more than a few weeks from now since I don't want to judge it based on just a few games.

@AndrewB said:

The first Gears game was the reason I bought a 360. That's still good, or you could go for the whole trilogy.

Halo 3, ODST, or Reach are all fine single and multiplayer.

Those are probably the obvious ones, but if you bought Modern Warfare 3 and play online a lot, they make sense.

If you want something different, definitely give Alan Wake a try.

Thanks all for the suggestions. I definitely plan to at least get Gears 3, maybe the trilogy if I find the campaign fun enough.

Alan Wake, yes, I'll be getting that for sure. Seems to have a somewhat niche audience, but I like those kinds of games.

I'm thinking that the Arcade marketplace holds some interesting stuff for me.

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Apologies for reviving an old(ish) thread, but I'm the OP, so yeah. Just wanted to update you all that I took the plunge and got an Xbox! Modern Warfare 3 was my first game, since I know so many people who play it.

Seems pretty alright, little to no annoying children yet, though with my experiences back on Halo 2 on the original LIVE, I'm sure it's just a matter of time, haha.

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@CharlesAlanRatliff said:

...not to mention that places like Amazon don't ship games to APO/FPO boxes. The cool thing about these APO/FPO addresses is that shipping to them costs the same as it would mailing something in the United States.

...I get games from Amazon in my APO box all the time. Don't let that stop you from supporting the troops though, it'll be appreciated regardless. Good idea Charles.