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Misuse of grammar gets under my skin, but I can usually control calling out friends on facebook.

When someone says YOLO in regards to a situation being justified even thought it is a very dumb idea, I want to punch them in the neck. Hard.

People taking about a movie, game or book, and then giving it horrible remarks/reviews even though they have not seen, read, or played said media.

Also, ignorance in general.

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You should probably inform your family and friends before undertaking this game that surely tempts fate. Knowing my record, I'd be dead from AP in an hour. E.G. I suck at dark souls

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I'll try the anti aliasing and fiddling with the quality. Thanks guys!

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I am not British, but I prefer


And on that topic, I also prefer Heych instead of Eych for H.


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I don't know how it started, but I have been having some graphical issues while playing Skyrim. It doesn't have anything to do with the mods I have installed, it's present before that. I keep getting weird, what's the word...tesselation? In the pixels? Like huge squares that definitely don't go with the games graphics that also flicker around. What are possible solutions to this? Is it an anti aliasing problem? Anitoscopic filtering? (I forget the real word). Should I turn the graphics quality down? I have them set to high on default. Any help is vastly appreciated.

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My favorite right now is Cheston, and I'd say my least favorite is Captain Spark. I'm working on getting better with other pros, but I just love playing Cheston so damn much.

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As a PC gamer and longtime battlefield fan, I would really like to say battlefield 3. Because of certain policies in origin, I will be opting to purchase MW3 instead. I've had many good experiences with call of duty and am ready for the new release. I'll be getting it on the 360 of course, it is definitely a console game.

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Runman Race around the World is one of my favorites. Crazy fun, running through levels as fast as you can, easy to pick up but hard to master.


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The non-HD screens are physically uncomfortable to look at. Who would choose to not install it?

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Piss poor ending, no variety, not enough crazy boss battles. id, my once great id, what has happened to you?