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Fallout - 3,5 the Stack-DLC --- PS3 Plz
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@yinstarrunner: wasn't there a news like "EA don't want to publish any Single Player games. Reason: the Sales-fail of Mirrors Edge 1 and other Single Player games lately" ? Therefore I don't belive in  a Mirrors Edge 2... 
BF3 PC only? EA ?? They'll sell it on every platform they can achieve - except linux... 
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Nabend zusammen, ich schließe mich mal eben dieser illustren Runde an und schreibe mich mal eben ein in dieses Bombenfass an guter Stimmung und Achievementjägertum. Ich hoffe doch, das wird ein unterhaltsames beisammensein und wünsche euch und mir viel spaß am Miteinander ;) 
Hi There - I'm not a native speaker, so try to read my mind cause I can't write what I'm thinking right now.. That's above should be saying "Hi ! Hope we'll fit together, lovely community and myself!". I just uses some more words in german for the same message.