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Sort of just wish this trailer were for a better video game.

You god damn person. YOU GOD DAMN PERSON.

Unless you're trolling. If so: read above.

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"Yeeeeaaaa buoooooyyyyy"

That was a Giant Bomb moment, brought to you by Giant Bomb's Bradley Shoemaker

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This review was great but does not read like a 4 star review at all. I read it and all the way was like "This sounds like 5 stars"

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I think the winner here isn't Sony or Microsoft but both the PS4 and Xbox One. I'm excited for every game I saw on stage on both Microsoft and Sony and for the first time, the next-gen consoles feel like their existence is truly justified.

As a consumer, gamer, Microsoft and Sony have both won my heart today.

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I teared up watching Patrick fight back emotions playing that game.

Happy Birthday Scoops, and as always, keep throwing pies into toilets, Ryan.

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2014's Character of the year will be Baby Mario. This will be declared as the Blood of the Gerst-Mans is spilled on the floors of the Giant Bomb offices.

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I skipped around a bit but did Jeff actually accurately predict the story of the game?

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@brighty said:

Got goosebumps reading this. I guess you could say this review bioshook me to the core.

And I leave Giant Bomb forever

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Yes Brad, you fucked up.

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@George_Hukas said:

Wow these Top 10's are a real "Who Give's a Fuck What This Guy Thinks"

I do, and I'm sure a lot of people do. Some of these guys are people who have become part of the site's family of personalities and others, like 'e' here, are legitimately important people in the industry.