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Facing a similar situation as I head over to Boston from Singapore for university. Probably will keep the consoles at home first for the initial trip as I'll be bringing over my life over to BU but yea, gonna do carry-on when I go back to Boston after the holidays.

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As a Halo fan, the weakest part of Halo 4 wasn't its story. Yes, it relied on you knowing aspects of the larger Halo fiction, but that does not make its story weak.

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This might be the worst way a platform-exclusive piece of content has been given out. "Hey get the game on our platform and maybe? you'll play with it someday. Maybe? I don't know, guys."

I'm playing on the PS4 but man, in retrospect, all the rage about the Playstation exclusive content is hilarious now.

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I am now a proud member of Lincoln Force!

PSN ID: msanjeev094

Gamertag: Zereta

Currently playing on the PS4, when the Xbox One comes out here in a couple of days, will also be playing on the Xbox One!

Add me and I'll also be slowly adding the others in this thread.

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Downloaded the game instantly after the quick look. Thanks for the heads up, I may never play this game now.

Fix this, developer. Thanks.

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You guys seem like perfect matches for Giant Bomb. Absolutely perfect. Can't wait to see what you guys bring to the Giant Bomb family.

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As someone who has never owned a Playstation before this, some sort of Resistance, Uncharted, Killzone and God of War collection would be great! Though I suspect that 3 of those 4 franchises will be brought out to the back and shot, so it's probably not going to happen.

I fully expect an Uncharted 1,2,3 + Golden Abyss collection in the Summer of 2015.

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I look at something like Destiny: An entire co-op centric game but if you want to do it alone, go right ahead. That's where I see video games going. And I think its not a bad place to be.

Of course, I want my Uncharteds and my Mass Effects. And those will always have its place. But the future seems like it might be headed to single player with seamless co-op (if you desire) and that seems fine)

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So, I can have a US account that I use solely for downloading?

Hmmm, might end up just switching fully to the US account since they would get better PS Plus deals, unless PS Plus isn't specific to accounts?