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With Rebellion on the list, I'm excited in knowing if whatever they have to show is Battlefront 3 as the rumors indicated that the game was packed off to them.

Bad Company 2 Trailer if it is announced by then.

Some sort of game in the gears Universe. Prequel or RTS.

Rumored Horror Game by Epic

Bungie's Next Non-Halo Game (PLEASE OH PLEASE!!!)

Some solid DS Titles

Crackdown 2 maybe? 

Halo 3: ODST Trailer and New Feature Reveal

A New Halo Title


Mass Effect 2... Please?

And hopefully, An Open World RPG Game where you are a Survivor in a Zombie Infested Area. GOD PLEASE!!!
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BF:BC was awesome. Still one of the 2 Multiplayer games I play (Other one being Halo 3)

I wouldn't have known it was BF:BC 2 if I didn't recognise the characters. That is a good thing.
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Across the board. 24 players everywhere.

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Battlefield 1943 looks to be a good deal for me. While BC2 seems to be aiming at the more traditional Battlefield Crowd, 1943 seems to be aiming at a more Casual market. Auto Health Regen, Unlimited Ammo, Simplified Classes: Sounds like Battlefield Heroes on Steroids.

Which is not exactly a bad thing. Still buying it.
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What still keeps Halo 3 alive is its simple gameplay and constant support for Bungie. Though I don't play it so often now in favor of completing games that I put off (GTA IV!), Its still my #1 game on the 360. It just has that special something to it. And I agree with Brad. Halo 3 is the best in the surface. Sure, some points are lacking compared to Halo 2 and Halo CE (Elites for example), but as an overall package, Halo 3 trumps all. 

But I agree with Brad for one thing. The Formula may be good but its running its worth out. I probably wouldn't have bought Halo 4 unless it was EXTREMELY different from Halo 3. Plus the main Story Arc for Halo is over. Halo 4 would have only dragged it on. It would have been redundant, just like the Star Was Prequel Trilogy. And then slowly, it would be driven to its grave, ending with an Animated Halo Film where Master Chief gets an apprentice alien that calls him 'Chief Guy'

Oh wait...

Glad they are doing Halo 3: ODST though. Its remarkably different from the standard Halo Experience and I can't wait to play it.
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Um...Sounds cool but am I the only one getting sick of all the Music Games? Just release one base game and support it constantly with new songs and maybe instruments as well. 

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Damn. Somone needs to make a Brawl esqe game for the PS3 & the 360. Star Wars Brawl Anyone?

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I was not impressed with the realism of GTA IV. Fucking ruined the game for me. Never was able to get myself to finish it I will however, probably get this DLC. Sounds pretty damn amazing to me.

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Well, if you remember, the first Crackdown ended with you finding out that the Agency was actually bad. Crackdown 2 could have you playing as a Rogue Agent with like a group of Rebels fighting in like a 5 way war? The Agency could be an enemy as well and on top of having Enforcers, they could call in other Agents to kick your ass as well?

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Hope its Crackdown 2. Game kicks ass.