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EpicSteve said:
The Bombcast is totally on iTunes
Quick Looks though?
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I personally feel that its not too late for Microsoft to enter the portable gaming competition. Sure, Sony and Nintendo have already established themselves in that market and the iPhone itself is rising but I feel that Microsoft joining the war is somewhat similar to how sony joined the war a long time ago.

For the longest time, Nintendo, i feel, was the dominant handheld gaming platform. A lot of rip-offs came by and all failed. Then, Sony released the PSP and well, it had to compete with the already well-established Nintendo handhelds. And look where it is right now.

I believe Microsoft can enter the handheld market provided they bring enough positive differences that differentiate themselves from Sony and Nintendo in a good way and also have a good set of launch titles. Microsoft holds a lot of IPs, well established ips (Example: Halo) and they have other game series to utilize as well (Example: Gears of War). Also, most Arcade titles could probably find a better home in this portable market. Games like Castle Crashers would be spectacular on a portable device.

Its down to how Microsoft handles the situation. By making the right decisions, I feel they can certainly break into the 'war'.
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Failed my first try on Twitter. Time to get back in.

My twitter  >> zereta
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Giant Bomb ain't doing it? If they're not then its Co-op for me.

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Red said:
They've had candy before.
I know. Can't forget that one. But as a more regular occurence.
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Just wondering if the GB Crew ever considered uploading their quick looks onto iTunes as well on top of the regular Bombcast? I don't think length is an issue as I've seen longer video podcasts on iTunes (Example being Kotaku's Video podcast) and it's nice to watch the quick looks on the go.

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I was wondering: Everyweek you guys do a drink test... why not switch it up? Every alternate week, try something else.

For example:

Week 1: Drinks
Week 2: Chips?
Week 3: Drinks again
Week 4 Something else
Week 5: Drinks

You get where I'm going...

So how bout it..huh, huh?
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I'm actually pretty damn upset by this fact. The trailers and crap were making the game seem like it would be good and now we have it, its just for achievement whoring.

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Awesome Thanks for the Scans! MW2 looks amazing. Though COD4 wasn't my 2007 GOTY (Halo 3 was), It was still an amazing game. Maybe Multiplayer wasn't my cup of tea but Single Player was fantastic!

Just 1 thing: Scan 3 isn't loading properly.
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Matchamking sometimes gets a game within seconds soemtimes it never does and I need to back out onto the main menu but sicne my first game, I think its a pretty enjoyable experience. Even when I do get torn to shreds by the machine gun or this wicked long range shotgun thing, just running around swinging and even firing with just the pistol doing all this is still fun.

One take away moment: I was being shot to hell was about to die when I just jumped off the side of the building. Both of us must have thought it was suicide, cause he didn't seem to care anymore and seemed to have diverted his attention. As I was falling, I noticed I could grapple onto the side of the building and save my self. I did, gradually launched myself into the air (took about 2-3 jumps because I was quite low down) and when I finally lifted myself up I saw the dude shooting me kill someone. It was perfect aiming...

I pressed Y.