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I've been playing Fallout 3 slowly now. Its a game that put me off completely in the beginning as it was too...god...RPG-y for me. Well, I got back into it and have been playing it at a steady pace. Just managed to find Vault 112 just now (A Pain that was...God damned Raiders and Super Mutant Behemoth) and went to Tranquility Lance and God...

Was a that a Life Changing Experience or what?

Well, that's obviously an exaggeration but my experience in Tranquility Lane was something I had never experienced in a game to date. The premise was brilliant. The use of Betty as the so called 'Villian' was pure ingenious.

I had been playing a good character throughout my journey here and when 'Betty' started asking me to do all sorts of things, I just did them. Slowly, I lost Karma and then BAM! I need to kill Mabel creatively.

This took me a while to do as I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I ended up killing myself in her house at one point, activating the Security Systems but as I was playing around in the house, I realized I could interact with the Chandeliar. I'll be damned. That was the key. I went to search for Mabel and got her to enter her house and sure enough, tinkering with the chandeliar paid off. It fell on Mabel, killing her, making me lose more Karma in the process.

I did meet the Old Lady and I knew I could go find some Terminal in the Abandoned House. I went in and apparently, I'm supposed to interact with the objects in a particular order for the Chinese Soldiers to come but I couldn't get the order right. I ended taking up the mantle of the Pint Sized Slasher and killed everyone.

This was a particularly emotional moment for me, perhaps the most emotional moment for me in a video game to date. Fallout 3 has really stiff character animations and despite that, the characters running away from me, a mere child in this simulation, and screaming as I killed them...asI killed them really struck me hard. And as I killed the last person, a part of me broke down inside. Had I done all that? It was supposed to be a simulation, I likened it to the commercials that were used in the Fallout 3 commercials showing a happy wondeful life and I killed all those people living those lives.

Just something that made me think... Did anyone else have a similar experience in Fallout 3, in this particular incident as well?
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Meteora said:
Zereta said: Lies said: Modern Warfare 2 looks fun, but I'm waiting for Bungie to blow the lid off of ... [more]

It would make sense too seeing Task Force 141 most likely was birthed from the last mission of Soap with Price and gaz. And they did it with US Marines. Make sense for it to be an International group.

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Lies said:
Modern Warfare 2 looks fun, but I'm waiting for Bungie to blow the lid off of Halo 3: ODST. That's ... [more]
Same here. Only problem I see with ODST is its being viewed as an Expansion but Microsoft is still, probably gonna charge full price for it, so Bungie is not gonna get what they deserve as sales will definitely suffer due to that factor.

And Bungie needs to add in some sort of Co-op Survival Mode in it. Lone ODST out alone in an Occupied City looking for his team mates? Its the perfect premise for a god damn Survival Mode-ish thing in side. And because its Bungie, if they do it, it will be done right.

There's always E3 right? I hope so but right now, Modern Warfare 2 and ODST are up there, fighting for top position. I'm a huge Halo Nerd and Halo 3 is still my go to game and the game I class as the best game out for the 360 to date but at the moment, I feel Modern Warfare has an edge this year. Perhaps after E3 things may change but me as a Halo Nerd Saying this (I have played COD4 and loved it just not as much as I loved H3), right now it seems the year belongs to Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 is looking awesome.  Just one think I don't get. Isn't the game played from the perspective of a Task 141 Operative, a British Spec Ops Force birthed from the SAS outings in the first game? If its British Run with the main "Guru" type character (Example: Captain Price in the first game) being Soap, the character you play as in the first game, why does the dude speak with an American Accent?

Seems a bit out of place when used in context with what we know.

Trailer reminicent of E3 2007's COD4 Trailer. So this is THE official MW2 trailer for E3 2009? I think that's pretty sad, considering they probably will show of more of Multiplayer at E3 than Single Player. Personally, the multiplayer in COD4 was pretty weak and not a selling point for me at all.

Though Spec Ops Mode for MW2 has my attention.
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SmugDarkLoser said:
thiago said: jakob187 said: Right, and then it goes on to say that the game may just be Lord of ... [more]
Truth: I was in the boat speculating about it, hoping it was MGS4 for 360

Never again. I've given up with Kojima. He's worse than Bungie at hyping things.
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This one looked, for some reason, better than the previous 2.

I never watched TAS but damn, that's some good voice acting.
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Holy...Cow...i mean... Beef....

I want that now.
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EpicSteve said:
The Bombcast is totally on iTunes
Quick Looks though?
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I personally feel that its not too late for Microsoft to enter the portable gaming competition. Sure, Sony and Nintendo have already established themselves in that market and the iPhone itself is rising but I feel that Microsoft joining the war is somewhat similar to how sony joined the war a long time ago.

For the longest time, Nintendo, i feel, was the dominant handheld gaming platform. A lot of rip-offs came by and all failed. Then, Sony released the PSP and well, it had to compete with the already well-established Nintendo handhelds. And look where it is right now.

I believe Microsoft can enter the handheld market provided they bring enough positive differences that differentiate themselves from Sony and Nintendo in a good way and also have a good set of launch titles. Microsoft holds a lot of IPs, well established ips (Example: Halo) and they have other game series to utilize as well (Example: Gears of War). Also, most Arcade titles could probably find a better home in this portable market. Games like Castle Crashers would be spectacular on a portable device.

Its down to how Microsoft handles the situation. By making the right decisions, I feel they can certainly break into the 'war'.
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Failed my first try on Twitter. Time to get back in.

My twitter  >> zereta
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Giant Bomb ain't doing it? If they're not then its Co-op for me.