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The Achievment Hunter crew are the only LPs I really watch. Their personalities just fit so well with each other.


Achievement Hunter is really all I watch but thanks to this thread, might be watching a few new ones.

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With both the PS4 and X1 not being guaranteed a release in Singapore this year, I've decided to time my switch back from mac to Windows to align itself with the start of this next generation of games. Already gonna be building a PC with the aid of one of my friends but I'm also looking into buying an ultrabook/tablet/convertible to use as my on-the-go PC.


Light-ish/small (11-13 inches will be nice)

Touch screen (Because Windows 8 and I don't know, I like interacting with stuff via Touch)

Some light gaming (Mostly indie games probably)

Price range: Less than $1100

Any suggestions for what to ultrabook/tablet to buy that would fullfil my requirements? The Surface Pro or Lenovo Yoga have been very intriguing but I'm not exactly sure of whether they will fullfil my want for light gaming.


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This could be huge if executed well. This generation of games is hella exciting.

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24 hour check. I bring my 360 to holiday resorts and stuff to play with my friends and the 24 hour check thing will essentially make this impossible. Very very dumb move.

Besides that, however, everything else sounds pretty alright to me.

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1. Forza Motorsport 5 (Turn 10)

2. New Halo spin-off title by 343/Certain Affinity

3. Lionhead MMO (Possible new IP or Fable)

4. Killer Instinct 3 (Rare)

5. New Rare IP that is controller based with extensive Kinect functionality

6. Ryse (Crytek)

7. Quantum Break (Remedy)

8. New Twisted Pixel IP

9. New game from Black Tusk Studios

10. New Harmonix IP (Chroma, I think thats what the rumours call it)

11. Project Gotham Racing 5 (Will probably be the last of these 15 games to be released)

12. Crimson Dragon (Controller based with Kinect functionality)

13. Crackdown 3 (Because they would not put an agility orb in the reveal conference if this was not part of the plan)

14. No clue

15. No clue

Didn't count Mirror's Edge 2 or Respawn's game (Rumour has it that these 2 are gonna be EA games exclusive to Xbox One) because they are not being published by Microsoft Studios. I see something from Epic being exclusive as well but again, not published by Microsoft Studios = Not exactly first party.

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Sony is currently leading the internet fan rage war (By not having much at all) because they havent said stuff. I think when stuff becomes more concrete, people are gonna find that Sony and Microsoft's strategies are a lot more similar than you thought, just that Microsoft is taking the heat right now.

All those issues aside, the other problem people have with the Xbox One is the apparent lack of games. Thats because Microsoft chose not to show any, informing us all in advance that E3 will be the time. They're talking big game. I think they will surprise us. Or Sony will swing even harder.

Either way, I'm fucking psyched

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Black Canary

Booster Gold

Dr Fate


I could see them forcing Pandora in from the New 52 to tie in with Trinity War and the release of the Flashpoint DVD.

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@louiedog said:

I finished my 2nd playthrough this evening on 1999 mode and get all of the collectibles I missed. I used the guide located here. It's got a checklist so I loaded it up on my phone and checked each voxaphone off as I found them. That made it really easy to make sure I got everything. If you're doing it because you want to wring out each and every bit of the story you might as well just get all voxaphones again because after knowing the ending and everything that happens some of them take on new meaning. My 1999 run ended up taking less time than my normal run even though I got each and every collectible and died more.

That is fantastic actually! Thanks!

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Of all the things that this game does so well, thats kind of a bummer. But already started a 1999 playthrough. Will load up the last save from my previous playthrough and check up on the logs I already have. Bummer about the Kinetoscopes though, those are the worst to find by far.

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If I go back into the load chapters part of the game and look for remaining stuff in there first? That should be fine, right?