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At the midpoint of Episode 3, you come to a realization that the game has something up. When you reach Episode 4, though? 
It becomes your GOTY.

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Sounds like a Horde/Firefight Mode thing to me... 
As long as it involves me on a concert stage with epic rock music and fireworks blasting around me, I'm in.

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@DonutFever said:
" Isn't the Helghan capital the place you were in at the end? Because that place was already nuked... "
Once more... for effect :) 
If Killzone 3 does come out this year, its gonna be interesting to see how it pits against Halo: Reach. its the old "Halo killer battle" again from back in the day. Sales wise and Critically, I'll be watching these 2 games.
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System of a Down 
System of a Down 
System of a Down 
Red Hot Chili Peppers 
Red Hot Chili Peppers 
Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Awesome! Though games are a bit weighted towards the Spartans.

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A troll on the Bungie forums asked everyone to make a rap about Bungie and this whole code fiasco and said the best one will get a code. He was OBVIOUSLY lying. But I liked the idea, thought it was fun and decided to make one myself. Here's what I got. 

 I say you know me, Bungie
I'm like your biggest fan.
But this code shit, it ain't happening
It kinda blows, man.

Sitting at ma desktop, watching them peeps tweet.
Evertime I lose a code,
I wanna kick their asses with ma feet.

Open up the Beta now
What do you have to lose?
I'll call some friends right over now
We'll play and have some booze

I've got the TV to myself
Family's at the beach
I hear Lehto in ma head
Going Reach, Reach, Reach    

So, what do you guys think? :D This is what wanting a early beta key does to you.
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God please god please god please...

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Me please. As it is, I can only play during the weekends due to heavy time constraints and monday, May 3rd here in Singapore is a holiday. Problem is... when the beta goes online for America, its Tuesday here in Singapore and its back to hectic schedule thats why I want that code.... Oh wells... Sign me up.

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Thanks for the green light, Ryan. Part 1 of going nuts.