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They just saved Kinect, it seems. This could be huge!

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Glad to see Jeff impressed by Kinect. That's my quality assurance right there.

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Show me a bunch of awesome in Halo: Reach and Gears 3 and sell me on Kinect, Microsoft. Then, you will win E3.

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Its gonna be F and if they can all be up to the quality of Red Dead Redemption, that's fine by me. The Halo of a new generation, just influential in different ways.

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Oh and to add onto the OP's bad memory, they did the Halo 3: ODST Quick Look together as well :P

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@ApolloJ85: Hmm, I guess you're right but even then, the single most powerful thing that Rockstar did was not let me take a whore. That's something that is very much, let's say encouraged, in the GTA games and I like that for this, they said NO and at least, kept Marston there in a good way. Also, I want to know how many people actually did bad stuff as John Marston playing the game. As someone who got so invested in the character, when it came to the point where I could do a lot of bad shit, I didn't want to. I just didn't have the heart to do that. 
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@Phunk_King said:
" @Zereta: Yeah, my intuition too but it seems that other people, rather a lot of other people didn't have that intuition.  I personally think the way it was handled was perfect but I can see an argument for people who wish it was a little more obvious.  Maybe something fairly subtle like one of the briefs that pops up saying "you have completed the story of John Marston, now seek out your revenge" or something.  Nothing too obtrusive, just a hint that at the very least there is still something left to do.  Regardless, I'm glad it was how it was.  I'm just trying to see it from both sides. "
I think its related to how much you're invested in the character. As someone who cried when John died and still sheds a tear when I think about it, I needed more closure than that and hence I rode off to Blackwater, panicked and then made this thread. I NEEDED MORE CLOSURE. 
The people who didn't might have been okay with the ending, thought to themselves "Cool, I play as Jack" and then said peace. 
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Nothing pass the breast right?

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Then is it now weird, if I say, I related to John Marston a lot more than I related to Niko, or my Shepard. I cried and I still shed a tear sometimes when RDR ended, because of that particular thing that happens.

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Got it the moment I got off the raft on Mexico. Just as "Far Away" was starting.