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Black Canary

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Dr Fate


I could see them forcing Pandora in from the New 52 to tie in with Trinity War and the release of the Flashpoint DVD.

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@louiedog said:

I finished my 2nd playthrough this evening on 1999 mode and get all of the collectibles I missed. I used the guide located here. It's got a checklist so I loaded it up on my phone and checked each voxaphone off as I found them. That made it really easy to make sure I got everything. If you're doing it because you want to wring out each and every bit of the story you might as well just get all voxaphones again because after knowing the ending and everything that happens some of them take on new meaning. My 1999 run ended up taking less time than my normal run even though I got each and every collectible and died more.

That is fantastic actually! Thanks!

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Of all the things that this game does so well, thats kind of a bummer. But already started a 1999 playthrough. Will load up the last save from my previous playthrough and check up on the logs I already have. Bummer about the Kinetoscopes though, those are the worst to find by far.

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If I go back into the load chapters part of the game and look for remaining stuff in there first? That should be fine, right?

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Also, how does my upgrades and stuff work? New game + essentially, is that a thing? Thanks!

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Hey guys, I just got done with the game and am currently planning another playthrough on hard +1999 Mode and I want to finish collecting all the audio logs (and the video stuff as well). Do the ones I've already done still appear or does it make my life a bit easier and remove the ones I've already got from the game? Thanks!

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It is called having a personality.

Yea this. In a group of people, and in front of other people, everyone puts on a certain persona (hee. hee. hee.) Its natural, its human.

Think you're just having a bad day, bro.

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Or you could buy the Season Pass at some point down the line if you think the game is good, supporting the developers and enabling them in some way to make more of the awesome stuff?

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Besides the 'reset' (I think) on the popular games forum list, I'm loving the new site. So god damn fluid and stylish. Loving it.

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Yeeeeaaa no.

Streaming is not yet the answer. For anything. Maybe NEXT next-gen.

Though, if Sony pulls it off and it miraculously works really well 90% of the time, then they'd have done something pretty damn incredible.