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Microsoft is doing fine but they still need a win. This was that win.

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CHRISTMAS DUCK IS IN THE WALKING DEAD. So now we just need season three of The Walking Dead to take place in the Pacific Northwest so you can walk through the ruins of the Greenbriar home again.

That duck reminded me of Gone Home too. Also thought was an appropriate nod to Kenny's son.

Also, if you sit with Kenny at dinner he calls Clem 'Duck' at one point.

It happens either way

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Never owned a Playstation anything before this so I literally have zero friends.

PSN ID: msanjeev094

Timezone: GMT +8

Games I bought: Killzone, Injustice, Lego Marvel Superheroes, Need for Speed: Rivals, Assassin's Creed IV. Playing Blacklight, downloaded DC Universe Online and Warframe. Intend on trying both and getting into DC Universe.

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@laserjesus: Oh geez :/

@zog: Can I check what pokemon do I have?

My three are Phanphy, Camerupt & Gastrodon!

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Ditto love for me too please? Think I'm ground type :)

FC: 5258-0128-2947

Name: Sanjeev

Pokemon X

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@ryoken81 said:

I shared my FC on the other thread, but here's mine for being added to the new list:

Trainer name: Hiryu

Code is 3024-4804-9612

Pokemon type: NomaL/ Audino ,Lillipup , Ditto

Hey dude, we're already friends but forn some reason, on my game, you only have 2 pokemon unlocked in the Friend Safari? At least thats what the graphic says when I choose your safari.

Anyway folks, here's mine

FC: 5258-0128-2947

Name: Sanjeev

Pokemon X

Think I'm ground type, no idea about Pokemon

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Sony has been paying a lot of money leading up to the launch of this new gen. It'll be coming.

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If anyone actually cancelled their pre-order after this dumb Resolution thing, oh god.