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Yea, which is also the reason why I think Modern Warfare and COD4 got such huge praise by the press. I mean, don't get me wrong, COD4 was such a great game and MW2 looks fucking fantastic, but its a type of game with no weight to it. You can just go in and kill Russians/Arabians/Dogs/Whatever. And then go hope onto to multiplayer. It pissed me off when COD4 gets the praise because, even though Infinity Ward did a lot with those games, A lot of Halo 3's features were overlooked: The theater, B.Net Community Support etc. 

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Universe. That got me particularly frustrated with Ryan's comments (another reason was that I felt it was maybe a bit too harsh and rude) but the point of Halo was that epic drama and scale, as Ryan said. What else must Bungie do to demonstrate that epic drama and scale than have a slice of the other parts of the war?

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Yep, but because ODST's Hype Machine kicked in too late. And not really being hyped up by Bungie themselves much.

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One problem I had with COD4 is once a player or a team starts losing, they lose and lose hard. And the winning player/team just kicks ass, odds tipping to his/their favour with the kill streaks. 
The deathstreaks and multiple Kllstreak options really help balance the playing field so much more. 
I thought I'd be disapointed with MW2' s multiplayer as I was with Cod4 but maybe, just maybe, they have finally fixed it.

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My most favorite COD game thus far. 
Yes, I played COD4.

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Read the second one. The UIR makes a guest appearance.

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Nope, that was a POS Episode. Wasted visit to Bungie. Most disappointing Geoff Keighly appearance ever.

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I think your problems with ODST is valid. I too, am a huge Halo fan, and I too have bought all the map packs. But, like you said, i'm pretty sure it designed for the potential general consumer, who has never touched a Halo game before, or has not touched Halo 3 before. Like you said its a steal for those people, but for hardcore fans like us, I guess its kinda like selling us short. 
For me personally, I get why such a decision was made and even though its kinda like a smack in the face for me as well, I'll just have to roll with it. Bungie, since my entry into gaming, has made my favourite games and Halo 3 is still my go-to game for my Multiplayer fix and Single Player epicness as well. I'm willing to give Bungie my money. It just saddens me that this is a taste to come once Halo completely changes hands with Microsoft. I'm sure you can tell that this was a decision made by the dudes at Microsoft and not Bungie. 
In the end, ODST gets a pass because as an overall package, it more content packed then Halo 3 proper. Same feature set with a new campaign, brand new Gameplay mode and like 13 new maps (again, for the general consumer). TFU, on the other hand... its sad. I was probably one of the few who really, really liked TFU. It was frustrating at times but yea... It was an enjoyable experience for me. But what their doing with the DLC is utter bullshit.

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I've been playing the game like crazy lately, currently at the point where I've got my Friction Dampeners and I need to look for Claire aain. And I'm loving it. It has its negatives, definitely. But its still one badass experience. Worth the $60, if it were a retail game.