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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained 0

A fact that most people don't know that the highly praised Halo series was once perceived as a RTS game, building of the success of Myth, Bungie's previous RTS. That slowly changed to a Third person and then into the FPS we all know and love. So, it is surprising to see Halo return to its roots. If Halo changed from a RTS to a FPS, why go back to being a RTS? Eyebrows were raised. Didn't help that Halo Wars was not being developed by Bungie, instead by veteran RTS Developer Ensemble Studios. So ...

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Reloading! 0

Whenever Valve announces a game, they tell you everything beforehand, maybe leave one thing hidden for some other event and go silent. Absolute dead on silent. Pretty much the same thing happened with Left 4 Dead. They told what they needed to: AI Director, Co-op, Zombies and more Zombies. Then they announced Versus later on. Had some playable stations at events and thats it. Valve never hypes their own game up and suprisingly, whenever they release the game, it gets everyone excited because its...

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