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Hey do you have a 3ds . If you do please add me my nickname is Alexis and my code is 2234-7195-7724. If you add me please message me back with your friend code.

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Um I have a 3ds so do you want to add me in your friends list. If you do send me a pm with your friend code and I'll add you. Mine is 2234-7195-7724.

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Does anyone know if club Nintendo of America will be selling kid icarus uprising ar cards on their website, just like clubnintendo of europe ( they are selling 2 packs of 6 for 250 coins). So if they are please comment below with your answers.

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hey do any of you people want to exchange friend codes for our 3ds's.if you do pm me your code and name my code is 2234-7195-7724 and my name is Zero147.

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no i think that streetpass should be exclussivly for the 3ds thats wat makes it unique


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hey does anyone know when the next 3ds update is


#7 Posted by zero147 (21 posts) -

ok now i get it

oh yeah do you have ssf iv?


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flopper165 i added u a while ago

please add me and pm me

 friend code is 2234-7195-7724    

hey mymy name:alexis

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I really really want street fighter iv

i hav seen so many sites about it but nun of them said any good ways to earn money for it please help


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hey i really really want super street fighte iv but i dont hav any money and i owe some one 58 dollars wat do i do please help me


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