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I'm not expert but I think that every game since the Game Boy era gives the player some kind of way to manage game data.

Whatever the reason may be, either a programming or business decision, what Capcom is giving as excuse is simply bullcrap!!! They're taking away the right to handle one's data from the consumer hand.

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Just for curiosity I translated the article into a foreign language and this came up:

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Both. I'm not a Sony fanboy, but the PS3 really does everything, games, movies, music, photos, internet, the list goes on. 

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I got the 80 GB MGS4 Bundle with Dualshock 3 back in 2008. I think it was one of the last models to include backward compatibility with PS2 games. Upgraded it to 500 GB two months ago.

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For one I'm not surprised. Usually when a developer says that something is not coming to PC, it really means "we'll release it on the PC after you buy the DLC on either the XBOX or PS3".