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I really enjoyed my time with the Witch Doctor and since I haven't touched any other class in the beta I think it's going to be my character of choice to start with.

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Will be playing it on PS3, PSN ID: Zero--Cast.

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Alex as a Child O.o
East Asian Alex...

I didn't use Photoshop to make these, I just used an online Face Transformer.

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gamescom it is then.

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With the death of WoW slowly becoming imminent, I think this could be a great entry for the Elder Scrolls universe provided that they [Zenimax] can produce an MMO which brings new gameplay elements to the table rather than rehashing old concepts.

This should be an exciting year for new MMO's, especially considering how popular The Elder Scrolls series is ...

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That question has been lingering in my brain for quite sometime.

My money right now is on Max Payne 3 as I know from some sources who managed to test it that the game is going to be something else. Diablo 3 however can wait as this is the first entry of a series that I never had a chance to play.

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Coming soon with the best kind of DRM ever made.

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Good to see a simple slim footer down there rather than the old one.

It's worth noting that Giant Bomb isn't available on the "Visit other CBS Interactive Sites" list at the bottom of Gamespot. Not here either.

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A target range made of Helicopters where you are only allowed to use tanks to take them down? "Drop in the Spot" kind of thing where you have to jump in a circle made out of ammo drops :P?

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@DiGiTaL_SiN said:

One thing is still unclear to me after all this, how come the Kane and Lynch video review completely contradicts the score they gave the game. Jeff starts the review with "Kane and Lynch is an Ugly Ugly game" and then the final score is like 6.0 which is considered "Fair", to me the video review felt more like a 3.0. And if you read the comments on the video review you'll see that I'm not the only one who thinks something is not right there.

I think Jeff should shed some light on what happened there specifically.

If you have been following the debacle for the beginning, you would have known that the video review wasn't even meant to be launched in its current form. Jeff mentioned multiple times that there were problems with the audio and that the final product was rushed and didn't reflect what they had hoped for.

And does the video review really hold any merit when it comes to written words? Forget the past and lets move on.