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Just as the title says; Xbox sent me a message stating that my "early adopter" bonus would be a code for Limbo when its released.

EDIT: I guess everyone knew this already. Whoops.

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I really can't believe this happened. After listening to countless hours of the bombcast and watching so many videos, it feels like a close friend has passed. My condolences to his friends and family.

RIP Ryan.

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Kinda weird that my first blog post isn't going to be about games, but this is an experience that must be shared. 
It all began as I left my house yesterday morning. I was giving my sister a ride to college, as I do every day. The time: 7:00. I knew my right front tire needed air, so I had planned to stop by a gas station to remedy that fact. When I pulled up to the air machine, I realized that more drastic measures needed to be taken; the tire had exploded as I arrived. So, out comes the jack and donut. Just as the jack raises the car to the proper height, it slips out from underneath. (Lousy frozen ground...) After properly jacking up the car, it becomes apparent that the wrench I have won't fit the lug nuts. Sigh... So I call my dad, and he says he'll come help. So he gets there, and it turns out that I'm just stupid, and didn't know to take the hubcap off first. so we get that done, only to discover that the tire is rusted on and won't come off without a fight. We hammer on it, and finally get it off by first driving forward slightly, and then hitting the brakes while cranking the wheel. (This procedure loosened it enough to be removeable; it didn't fly off or anything.) So then we put the donut on, and realize that it needs air. Good thing the car is already at the air machine, right? As I go to insert my change to make the machine go, I notice a quarter is jammed in the slot, rendering the machine inoperable. Finally, we say screw it, and my dad goes to get a new tire. Finally, at 10:30, all is well. Unless you count the part where my sister missed all her classes for the day... 
So, yeah... that's a lot of misfortune all in one morning. It's either plain old Murphy's Law, or the Adjustment Bureau (yes, from the short story/upcoming movie), and I can't figure out which.
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Hell yeah they should make another one of those. It always kinda surprised me that they didn't.  
...and while we're wishing, I'd also like a bazillion dollars. 
sigh... now I want to play the original again.  Fortunately I have it still in my entertainment center. Finding my PS1 memory card might be a bit tougher, but it'll be worth it.
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This might make it a little obvious, but this is one of 'Splosion Man's favorite things.
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you're very close... though this one is an older, obscure game.
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#701 to finish the LE quest... yeah, it's way easier then most of us are making it. Damn GB's clever mind-trickery!